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Whore? Me?
OK, I want to get everyone's input on this one...

I went out to the club last night to meet up with a friend who had to say goodbye to his best friend and his boyfriend yesterday as they were going to visit family. So we meet up at the club and were just talking and drinking. Two more people walked in that we knew and they joined us. Then another guy walked in that we knew. So now our grp went from 2 to 5. The whole night we were dancing all over each other and just having fun.
(Remember, one has a boyfriend, two of them are dating and the other along with me are single, but all my friends.)
So the whole night progresses and were having fun. Getting drunk, dancing, joking around... Just having a blast. This guy walks in, I had no clue he was there till this morning.. but I will get into that later, and sees me and I guess watches me all night.

I wake up this morning and do my normal thing. Check my Myspace, Gayspeak, Dlist, and fitlads. When I check my Myspace I have this message from that guy. He tells me that... wait.. let me just copy and paste it for you... *goes to Myspace and retrieves message*

"So i seen you at the beach last night but not only did I see you slutting it up, but the person you were slutting it up with, was the biggest whore in killeen. I dont know. I dont wanna name call or whatever but the truth is the truth. You def disappointed me. In addition for your health, I hope you didnt do anything with him. No disrespect but I heard you aalso had alot of mileage on you."

Now what kind of shit is that. I cant even have a fun time with friends without me being called a whore. I will tell everyone here like I told him in my reply. In the 8 years of me being out, I have only been with 22 guys. 2 of them I actually dated. Now tell me where the whore in that is...

Please someone... Let me know if I need to kill myself now or if things will get better soon!

You shouldnt take this too seriously. Let me put it this way, the best people i've met are thought to be whores by people i dont talk to.
Remember next time not to be apologetic in your answer or try to justify your self. He was fishing for gossip and you gave him something more to talk about.
You could as well thank him (after you ask him who the hell he is...) for his message and his concern and didnt want to disappoint anyone but dont worry you have things under control.
I dont understand though, he didnt call you a whore but the other guy. You could even take it as he was trying to protect you from him... He could also be interested in you and thus just a bit jealous to see you with someone he thought you might have something.

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