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Young And Gay In Putin's Russia
Vice has done it again, making an awe-inspiring documentary, but this time about being "Young And Gay In Putin's Russia".

The title says it all, so if don't live in Russia, or any other country with extremist gay oppression, I urge you to click on the red link provided, and watch this in-depth documentary, as it will shed light on what it's truly like to be a gay person living in Russia today.

I had a vague idea that it would probably suck (as most people would), but watching this made it feel real on a personal level, provoking the anxieties and fears that I'd likely face, had I lived there myself, as well as the dangerous determination and bravery needed to fight back.

They did a great job with this one!

Please watch, and feel free to discuss!
What are your thoughts after seeing it?

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