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spit swallow or no sucking?
I love sucking cock and I love to swallow, but I only swallow for guys I have serious feelings for, cuz y'know when I swallow your cum, it means something.

i wonder if a guy's semen differs in tastes according to race...

I dont understand how anybody can like the taste of semen. Its really really salty, in my experience anyways.

Doesnt mean I wont suck though Wink

The Virgin Wrote:i wonder if a guy's semen differs in tastes according to race...

No. Just no.

I like sucking sure, but the taste? UGH dont like it at all lol I spit it out as fast as I can, the only reason I suck to completion is that I LOVE it when it is done to me. If I were more selfish I would just pull it out before the big squirt but that would be selfish (and then they might do the same to me!)

i love it when i continue sucking on a guy after he comes out... it sure does give him the tingling sensation.... i always do that... but they often end up saying they don't like it cause there pricks are really sensitive right after ejaculation....

i get nauseous when i suck cock...if it is fresh from the shower i can handle it for a few ....otherwise i have to be drunk and the cock has to be fresh from the shower

I really like giving oral to a guy that I care about. Personally, I don't care either way for it being done on me. If I care about a guy enough to be with him then I also like to swallow.....a lot Confusedmile:

Meh....its okay. As long as my guys enjoying it then I am too...and vice versa of course :p

I like sucking cock, but i wouldnt let them cum in my mouth unless with a boyfriend that ive been with for ages. Confusedmile:

Dunno yet, but keeping an open mind Wink

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