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Where would you live?
If you had the chance or choice to live anywhere else in the world apart from where you live now where would that place be?

I think for me it would have to be somewhere like Portugal!
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

mine would probably be either Oz or the states. but it needs to be open and near trees.
as i can't possibly live without being within quick walking distance to some tree's, but preferably a large forest, but then i also need to be out in the open somewhere i won't feel to confined, i know this would sound like a contradiction to most people but to me tree's don't make me feel confined but free.

me ??
still live in china
but different province
~~~~~~~sinkiang~~~~~is the one i want to live in ~~~~~~~~~~

Amsterdam is too cold and wet but apart from that it's fine. Best climate I've ever seen was in mountaineous areas in Vietnam and Malaysia, and the landscape is nice there too.

But there I would miss Amsterdam life and my friends... so there's no idealarea on earth I'm afraid!

I once read that Vancouver, Canada is the best of all worlds, with respect to climate, people and laws so maybe I should hop over and take a look.

(Real nice to see you back, Osiris and Lynk! :p)

I would love to live in Japan, but if I couldn't move there then I would have to move somewhere in Europe. I just want to be around hot men, meet new people and just have fun for the rest of my life.

Gotta be somewhere in the artic circle, northern sweden, canada etc. I would love to see the northern lights and the stars how they should be seen. Love looking at the sky at night, reminds you how insignificant we all are and what an amazing place we live in. (Ed slowly slips into a dream like state!Astrosmiley2 )

I dont think I would ever want to live anywhere else then where I'm already living. Everyday in Michigan theres always a new sight that I love. I've always felt Michigan had everything, from the Lakes, Islands, 4 seasons, Farms, Forests, Cities, Malls, Cars and more. And I also understand the great perks of other places as well. I think Africa would be fun to visit, or some other place with great plains.

Although I would love to travel anywhere possible.. Being well-travelled would be a huge goal accomplished in my life.

I don't like to be confined to one place or another for extended periods of time - I want to be everywhere. But I will always come back to Missouri and my family.

Florida hehe
And believe it or not, I'd actually like to work for Disney Laugh

USA, I'm tired of this place :x

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