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Free GayDay at Alton Towers
Saturday 1st September 2007 is now GayDay at Alton Towers.

Although Gaydar have tried a similar event before with little success, we have been inspired by the popular GayDays in the Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld, Florida to promote a free GayDay.

The idea is simple, book your ticket or get your annual pass ready for Saturday 1st September, turn up wearing any red t-shirt/top, meet new people and have a really, really good time.

For more information visit http://gaytowers.googlepages.com

Please, please pass the invite onto your gay friends, PDF posters are available from the website. We want to see a park full of red t-shirts!!

Hope to see you there!

sounds fun hehe

might go but hope there not 2 many screamin queens on tha rollercoasters that would be to fuckin embarassin!! Laugh

lol you proper hard core poof then James lol :biggrin:

yer hard in more ways dan one!! LOL i dont mind in da middle camp just not complete girlee wanabee camp!! Laugh

Now ya getting saucy (my territory) LMAO Laugh

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