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Hello to Everybody!

My name's Ben, and I just stumbled upon this forum tonight. I'm 18 years old, but haven't 'come out' yet, although I am 100% certain that I am gay, despite having never had a partner. I'd really like to meet a nice guy though - although I don't think I'm particularly attractive. I've come out to many people online, but haven't told my family yet (seems little point until I've got a boyfriend). I'm not ashamed or embarrassed at all, and I'm sure that when I do tell them that it'll be a relief. I think that they suspect that I may be gay anyway though.

I live near to Manchester, so I was thinking that maybe a visit to Canal Street was probably the best place to start meeting people, because I really want to get out there and have some fun. Or at least I think I do!

welcmoe mate im 18 to!! yer theres no rush to come out best do it when ya feel tha time is rite. if ya a bit camp they probably guessed already!! LOL neva been to canal street but am guessin it must be like soho in london. just be careful wiv drinkin too much case someone tries ta take advantage of ya!!

Welcome Ben.

Grab a seat and join the fun. I'm Andy

HEY BEN! =D nice to meet ya! I'm Riki -shakes hand-

hi im john, im 26 and from the west mids.

heylooooooooooo John!

hiya im jay ^_^ and im new here too. Riki shaked ur hand? :oO

- shakes ur leg -


hi jay wlecome to!! dont mean to be funny but is that a carrot or a cock u sucking in dat pic? Laugh

:oO right ur gunna get a slap too MR lol its not a carrot its deorant lol and im singing Cry

well your a bit of a bratt arntcha :tongue:

pomises promises (bends ova) an i know ud enjoy that far 2 much! LOL bit of a diva an gud at singing den? Laugh

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