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Hey from Raymani
I just joined - hey to everyone.


heeeeeeeylo and welcome mate! I'm Riki

Umm... Welcome to the site. I be Udabar... Ok. I shall quit talking now before some people start talking and then I have to go off.... *looks around* Oh, I'm not in the club anymore... where am I?

you're in my printer Udabar.

Umm... how did I get there and why am I in there? I knew I shouldn't have done those drugs that one night.

If I am correct... I believe you were trying to install some new ink cartridges... but then you start shouting that all the "bright pretty colours were coming out and consuming you"... I then rushed back into the PC room with your cup of tea and you had disappeared... all I could hear was your screaming voice coming from inside the printer. =/

Hrm... those memory seem to have slipped my mind. I do believe I'm fine now however... Or am I. How do we know I'm not in the cyber world now just writing messages and acting normal. I could be stuck in a computerized dimension and not even know it myself. *looks down and plays with self* But that wouldn't feel good to me then.... Or was I programed to have feelings? Someone help me... You will have to get me out of here through Blazin's printer... that is where the portal is.. HELP!!

**I think those drugs are still running through my system... or it could be that sleeping pill I took last night.**

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