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The X Factor 2008
Did any of you watch it tonight???

I have a night off tonight so I kicked orf my heels and relaxed and watched it.....

Laura by far stole the show tonight (fantastic voice) and is well up there as a major contender

There are some great performers again this year and I especially like the fact that the last two get to choose their own song to fight it out with....

Glad Simon Cowell admitted he got it wrong with Scot's song which he did as it was awful (great song) just not for Scot.

Young Eoghan is a sweetie and has a great voice but I am not convinced under 16 year olds should be, maybe, exploited in this way

I personally think JLS may win it this year as Louise has never won before and also I think the British Public are due for another new boy band, they are very slick and have great voices...... although not a great start by them tonight.

Take that as a no then

[Image: snig-1.gif] [Image: snig-1.gif] [Image: snig-1.gif]


Cant stand the program, sorry Roflmao.

Yes I watched it! I want Austin to win coz he is CUUUUUUUUUUTTE!! Although didn't think he sang that great last night.

[Image: 169391080_6a7e40fcaa.jpg]

If I was to choose a winner based on vocal talent though... Alexandra would be my choice.

Is Austin gay Michael ?


Star Twister Wrote:Is Austin gay Michael ?


I don't think so.. if he is.. then helllloooo!!! lol

I think the ex-Pontins guy is though.

edit: Google "Austin Drage gay" HELLLLLOOOOOO!!!!

Ah okay



lol... seems to be rumour... Some sources saying he's "openly gay". Other sources saying he's as straight as they come.

Rumour is good enough for me though :tongue:

Yeah Star Twister, not many Xfactor fans here. I ve started some threads last year not much response hehe .... I watch it though when i can. However my favourites at the moment are Diana (love her style and voice- my kind of music.), Alexandra and Laura those 2 continue what Leona Lewis started.

The talent is far better than last year but i dont particularly like any other of the contestants. I felt sorry for Scott this week, he almost cried after the fair comments, he did a good job just the song wasnt right. Rachel has a very special kind of voice but she comes across as too cocky/arrogant for my liking and i really find it stupid; past shows teach that people at home dont like that. There are the ones to be voted off in the middle of the show.

wouldlikemuscle Wrote:Rumour is good enough for me though :tongue:

[Image: lmao2.gif] [Image: lmao2.gif] [Image: lmao2.gif]

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