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palbert has reached 500 Posts!
Big congratulations to palbert for reaching the posting milestone of 500 posts today! WELL DONE! :-)

Thanks for all your great contributions so far and hope you continue to enjoy using the site and being part of our GS community.

Catch up with you soon,

Andy x

(PS: This is an automated message)
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

You're halfway to be colored now!! Congratulations Smile

Thanks for helping.

(Pics up this week; pics were on desktop that crashed.{

palbert Wrote:Thanks for helping.

(Pics up this week; pics were on desktop that crashed.{

Oh you're welcome!
Drat... it's my browsers who keep crashing...
I wanna see how beautiful is where you live Happy

Congrats palbert! Smile

[Image: 500Posts.gif]

Congrats palbert

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That was quick! I am glad you are here....I look forward to the next 500...

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSMo5zEfT7ABwJmSB5takV...5rt1ML0S3w]

[Image: Thumbs_21.gif]

Congratulations. Smile

Good stuff, keep it up!

Wow! I love how the moderator/administrator keeps on top of what goes on the forums! that is definitely a good sign! I hope to stay here long enough so that I may add to the contribution and positive vibes!

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