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It's been a while
I haven't been on here for quite some while, so I thought I'd say hi, and for anyone who cares to know, say what's been happening in my life (yeah.. I forgot I had this account XD sorry Gayspeak lol)
so here's some things that have happened. I got back with an Ex of my a wile ago (not sure, um... a few months ago? I don't remember) and that relationship goes well (though I wish he wasn't working almost every day, and then tired or just not on most of the rest, but I can handle a bit of time between our talking XD), and I HAD a Job at a subway, but I lost it, because I didn't learn fast enough (My parents are pissed, because I have Auspergers( a form of autism, and probably misspelled) and they think I should have had more than three days of training, if not for the sake of the place being smart and making sure I LEARN everything, then at least because I learn a bit slow at times), also, My best friend/basically brother is in a facility because he lost all memory after 2011 after his surgury, I have been worki

ng less at the mexican place I work at because business is slow so they can't afford to work me a lot, I found Out I can play PS1 games on the PS3, and found 4 PSone Classic games I'd like to get, if I can get the money to put on My PSN account, but, since my Birthday is the 30th of this month, that shouldn't be a problem, and finally, I am hoping to make cheescake on my birthday... BIRTHDAY CHEESECAKE!!! WOOOT!!!! anyway, there's my life in the bast couple monnths in a nutshell X3

wow, that's a lot that went on!

Good to have you back!
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

welcome back fella

thanks :3 and I really can't wait for my birthday
My great aunt is going to try to give me $50 so I can get A Playstation plus membership, then I can get free and reduced price games from the Playstation store, and some Of my friends might be getting me money for some PSN cards, or the cards themselves, so I can put money on my PSN account and buy games from the Playstation store
and i might be getting CHEESECAKE!!! I love cheesecake :3
also am thinking of trying to find a way to go visit my Boyfriend, if he wouldn't mind, or be busy with work that day.. well it'd be three days, but still.. anyway *Excitment level through the clouds and rising*

Welcome back Wavey great news to hear!!

Welcome back - and hope you get that cheesecake for your birthday!

Nice to see you back. Smile

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