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Hey there!
Hi, my name is Cris and I'm new here (actually I get here by mistake but I like this Forum a lot so I just join in), I'm a bisexual guy (Still in closet), I'm 17 (I know, in a few months I'll be "Barely Legal"), Mexican (From Mexico City) and I'd love to make new friends.
I hope I'll get to you any advices and also you could give me some advices about coming out and get a relationship with someone.
I speak in English, Spanish, some French and Italian. Smile


Hi Cris. Glad you decided to stay. .Wavey

Hello there!! Welcome to GS Wavey

Welcome, MrBrightside! But aren't those numbers backward?


Glad you stayed around

Hola, Cris, qué te pasa? Welcome to GaySpeak... Est-ce que tu es vraiment bisexuel? Or is it just something that you are comfortable with at the moment?

Many of us have actually had girlfriends, just to test the waters, but it finally didn't turn out being who we really wanted to be. But if you are bisexual, it's cool too.
Have you had some male to male experiences yet? At seventeen, you are probably a novice in many things, but it's also ok to be a virgin.
Bienvenido a GS. Bighug

Welcome to the forum Cris. Smile

Well, I don't have any experiences with someone, but I had 4 BF and 5 GF... And I don't see any difference between having a relationship with a girl or a guy (I mean, I feel the same).

welcome to the forum
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

Welcome to GS !!! Smile

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