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So if you don't know what NaNoWriMo is, it stands for National Novel Writers Month. Where you try and write a whole novel, within a month.

You can get advice and help from other people who are taking part as well. It seems like good fun and I'm planning on taking part this year.

Just wondering if anyone else is going to be taking part as well?

I am thinking about it even though I have zero free time. I did it in 2012 and got a big chunk of my second novel attempt written. I would probably keep working on the same book.

Do you have a topic or plot in mind?

HA! I have been working on the same novel for the better part of a decade.

Which is to say that Mankind managed to get to the moon faster than I have completed my book.

Always wanted to try writing a novel, just never got a around to doing it. Sad

I've been writing a novel since about 4 months ago. Now with my heavy pack of studies this year, I've got rare time to complete it. I always write down my feelings on novels instead of diaries, and I do not write to please my readers.

I'm leaning towards "Yes". I'm away part of the first week (but that means time on the plane to write!) and then the rest of my month should be a little calmer. I'm going to keep working on the same book as it is something I really would like to finish.

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