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I am your sunrise, you are my sunset


There is a light source slowly setting over our tomorrows.
I the Sunrise wakes up from the dark hours of yesterday.
For some time now I've being quietly watching how your
magnificent hues settles over my horizon, and how your
sky filled with different shades of pink and red spreads
across mine. Your body feels like afternoon clouds snuggly
draping over mine, as it slowly falls asleep in my warm

As you wake up wrapped in my arms, you often said I am
your sunrise. Before we've met, you said your sun didn't get
to see the light of day, but instead set right into darkness.
I for one have being waking up every morning, yet missed
the restful sleep and peace only darkness brought to my mind;
but that was before you came into my life, when I seem to have
lost the desire to dream.

Sunset and Sunrises makes a full day, perhaps we should try
to move half way at high noon, where we can appreciate a
better view of all that lives around our sunsets and sunrises.
As we stand still wrapped in sheets of white clouds, like soft
cotton sheets your coolness make me want for warmth. But
as I get your chills, in turn it cools off the sunburns from too
much exposure of what I have yet to know.

As I slowly open my eyes every morning, I can help but notice
just how blushed your cheeks have become. Could it be that your
sunset have finally noticed and is slowly setting on my sunrise!?
My smile falters as you hush my voice and murmurs, time is
getting short. My sunrise is telling me to wake up and leave you.
Your sunset is pleading me to stay a while longer. The sun is slowly
setting. You hold on to my early rays and draw me close to you. I
look into your eyes, and in your dark of doubts you try to look for
something evil, but as you wake in my arms all you see is my glowing

The sun is slowly rising as your doubts lies against my chest, and
bath in my soft glow. You wrap your arms around me and tell me
not to be afraid. The sun is slowly setting. Shadows are falling all
around us, enclosing us in darkness. A familiar breeze causes a chill
up my spine. But again the sun is slowly rising. The time has come; as
your face like a Sunflower tilts in melancholy. Your soft voice like an
Autumn breeze in the sun whispers to me "I love you just the way
you are" my heart: the face of my soul blushes, looks up, and say
same in return!


I've seen the movie.

I like your poem more.


Virge Wrote:I've seen the movie.

I like your poem more.


I am glad you like it! its kind of a poem/reflection combination! I love to write, as it helps me get a clearer sense of what goes inside my mind! I listen to a YouTube video over and over again with a nice music background to inspire me to write! thank you my dear friend!! have a great and blessed day!



The depth of your eyes, like oceans are drowning me, but what you
don't know is, that I am a experienced deep water diver. I am not
afraid if I may not see the shore again, as drowning in your beauty
is like going after a treasure hunt into its deep. When I try getting
closer to the Iceberg floating in your heart, I can feel the beat of my
emotions, crushing into you like waves, on the surface seems calm,
but underneath longs to slowly pull away into another continent.
Please don't be afraid to let go your frozen tears, for as much as
you want keep frozen the good and bad memories from your past,
I also risk getting crushed underneath the frozen tiers of tears and
trapped sunbeams of happiness, that I can see sparkle underneath
you and all over your surface.

I don't mind throwing myself into this abandoned bonfire we've both
reignited, as I have enough of a thick skin to withstand its painful burns.
Yes, I know, you've told me to have lost all will to cool someone else's
burns, and even if you could, I am not expecting for you to remove my
scars; because if you did I will then bleed to death, and might turn your
clear blue icy waters into a red sea of grief and sorrows. Instead, all I
want is to free your frozen tears as they melt into my crystal clear warm
waters. Come get closer to my tropical and eternal summers, melt away
your salty tears into the winding curves of my body, so you may reach
deep into the winding rivers of my soul.

Your curiosity keeps going back and forth along side my rose garden.
A garden to you seems filled with forbidden fruits!? But I too must grow
limbs to reach to you, before you trim me down to size. Your very breath
flows as the breeze, teasing my folded blooms to slowly open. As I wait
for you to get closer, your breath and mine combined creates a most
delightful scent.

Beyond my window, as I contemplate on both of our nature, our leaves
are slowly falling. As you try to clear away my air with your fainted whisper;
we dance like two autumn leaves enraptured by our very nature. Your cold
presence and my warm existence are slowly maturing our lives into a
colorful scenery. All that you are and I am keeps stretching across the sky;
and into the very nature we walked back and forth, to hopefully find the way
back to a warm place called love!


Great poems, well done. Smile

Thank you for the encouraging words Wolfpack! when I am in the mood I can be very introspective! I enjoy paying tribute to the little things I take for granted, and so I write and write and write!!!

[Image: couproses_zps43ce5899.jpg]


Forgive me if I the Rose have being slow on waking up in
your wish garden! I have bloomed through many seasons.
Will you stick around long enough to admire its blooms!?
Please don't transplant me in your pot of wishes, unless
you wish to see the depth of my roots, as in my endurance
for the many seasons lived under its many sky hues of blue.
If your judging eyes sees thorns, don't just walk away, they
are not there to cause you any pain, but to protect the many
folds that tightly guards the essence of my very soul.


You're so talented... seems I'm enjoying every bit of your words Smile

I never knew you are poetic. This is so lovely!

bootsguy Wrote:I never knew you are poetic. This is so lovely!

Thank you Bootsguy! I get the muse whenever I can! life is beautiful even when it seems ugly at times! did I say ugly? if I see that way is probably because I overlook its uniqueness; that is what makes all things beautiful!! oh you see, because what i just wrote a million things are going through my head right now! writing to me is contagious! thank you!!

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