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Nice Read :)
[Image: avZ8DGd_700b.jpg]

This restores my faith in the upcoming generation Smile

It is a heart warming story bluedragon. It made me smile. I think the lesson the adults need to learn is compassion. But I'm afraid the reality the child may need to be taught is to recognize is that people aren't often forgiving. Most people rush to judgement as the comments on the Facebook page bear witness. Even if the other children didn't say anything to that boy on his first day eventually adults will influence his classmates to treat him differently.

As often as people say they don't want to conform, that they want to be different, they have little concept of the amount of courage it takes to actually be unique. Being different for most people involves something like picking the lime green case for your iPhone instead of the gray case.

In an ideal world I think this is a perfect example of kids - people - actually practicing individuality and showing tolerance. In the world we currently live in, I'm not so sure.

Still, it is a good read bluedregaon. Thanks. I can always use a shot of tenderness.

All I see in the picture is one helluva happy little boy. Cute as hell too.

To show you how stupid this is.............

In 8th grade I read a famous man's autobiography. On the first page of it he told how adults teased him for wearing his mother's old high heels to school when he was young. He wore them because they had pointed toes that helped him when it was his turn at playing kickball. Once he kicked the ball he kicked off the shoes and ran barefoot... He was the guy always picked first for teams because he could kick further and run fastest.

His name's Dwight David Eisenhower... The five star general who commanded allied forces in Europe and the 34th president of the USA ...and possibly the last honest man ever to sit in oval office.

Yup , the boy is really innocent and cheerful. Smile I just wanna kiss his cheeks for being a brave boy! Smile

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