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8011 infected
Quote:Ebola Cases Surpass 8,000

Oct. 8, 2014

WHO stresses cases are being underreported in Liberia

Over 8,000 people in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone have been infected with Ebola, according to new data from the World Health Organization (WHO).
The numbers show there were 2,799 new cases in the last 21 days. Of the 8,011 people infected, 3,857 people have died. “The situation in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone continues to deteriorate, with widespread and persistent transmission of [Ebola],” says the WHO in a statement.
The WHO cites problems gathering data in Liberia, and says it should be emphasized that “the reported fall in the number of new cases in Liberia over the past three weeks is unlikely to be genuine. Rather, it reflects a deterioration in the ability of overwhelmed responders to record accurate epidemiological data.”
This happened before in Guinea, when it appeared cases had slowed, but in reality cases went unreported or were hidden. The WHO says there is likely a lot of underreporting in Liberia, as fears and distrust of government grow, and that official estimates are likely lower than Liberia’s actual number of cases.
“There is no evidence that the [Ebola] epidemic in West Africa is being brought under control,” the WHO says. “Though there is evidence of a decline in incidence in the districts of Lofa in Liberia, and Kailahun and Kenema in Sierra Leone.”

I take it this doesn't include the USA and Spain Cases.

Please to note that the number of cases has been doubling roughly every 21 days.

If calculations hold true that means 21 days from now we will have 5598 new cases (13609 total) This number does not reflect USA and Spain, no doubt those nations have it all under control. Rolleyes

Oh and when you get the Ebola and get over it, your semen will carry the live virus for 61 days after you get over it... I guess this makes it a kinda sorta STD. I guess if your a lesbian this doesn't affect you, so you can ignore this bit.

Enjoy your super deadly pandemic, and have a nice day.

And that's only the number they think they know about!

Many cases are not reported because the infected are scared of the consequences for their family in the community.

Wow this has cheered me up no end. Sad

Wolfpack Wrote:Wow this has cheered me up no end. Sad

Oh good, glad to know I can brighten your day. :biggrin:

Perhaps I should sign all my posts with 'have a nice day' so everyone will feel good no matter how horrific my post is? :tongue:

palbert Wrote:And that's only the number they think they know about!

CuriousPhoenix Wrote:Many cases are not reported because the infected are scared of the consequences for their family in the community.

Well I could have recalculated and added the 4-5 times higher rate that is roughly estimated by the WHO/CDC... but I'm concerned that people need to be eased into the double digit thousands.

I mean seriously who wants to hear that it is really 32,044 to 40,055 cases, with a doubling rate putting it between 64,088 t0 80,110 range?

I could have given my dire calculations for the rest of the year based on the official numbers and the doubling rate of around 20 days.

8,000 10/09
16,000 10/29
32,000 11/18
64,000 12/8
128,000 12/28
256,000 1/17/15
512,000 2/06
1,024,000 2/26
2,048,000 3/18
4,096,000 4/7
8,192,000 4/27
16,384,000 5/17
32,768,000 6/6

I stopped there because the affected regions only have a total population of about 21 million (Serra Leon, Guinea, Liberia).

See in my humble opinion CDC and WHO need to post their predictions in a clear numbers to date ratio and point out continuously there there are only about 21-22 million people and that is why we MUST get on the ball and get relief in their now because we only have 8 more months before everyone becomes a statistic at the rate it is going.

Humans do not get exponential numbers intuitively. They don't understand that a rate of doubling ends badly.

Congress didn't get the understanding, The Military certainly did - thus that general is likening it to the plague.

These three nations are in dire need of help. I expect to hear that their societies are going to start cracking and collapsing in a month or so.

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