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Here’s why deadly viruses are on the rise in Africa
Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:StingRay,

Now where did you get that information about barricades and stuff? During training from a trainer?

I'm curious.

drive up here and see the swing gates on every interstate off and on ramp and ask what they are for. Most will tell you its for keeping travellers off during bad snow storms and some will tell you that and then say in case of national emergencies. Any road crossing indian reservation has them. Other than that there aren't but maybe 20 more roads coming into this whole state. No kidding. Have a peek. Notice the number of roads in the east and west sides of the state. Big difference? Bottom map explains why.

click to enlarge
[Image: map_of_south_dakota.gif]

[Image: reservationmapFull.jpg]

And So Dakota isnt the only state like that.


People are already not going to work/planning on not going to work because of this minor threat:

Janitors at airlines already walked off the job: http://www.westernjournalism.com/health-...-prepared/

Nurses in Las Vegas already had their protest and this is before Ebola showed up in Dallas.

Staff in Madrid have quit over a scare.

And this is a 'minor' outbreak threat, not a 'OMG its pandemic and spreading like wild fire through every continent!'

I have been on other sites where nurses and health care workers are 'proudly' stating that if Ebola comes to their place of work they are leaving their job and protecting themselves and their family. It may amaze you to know that that seems to be the leaning of the majority.

So there goes your first line of defense against this outbreak, there are more cowards who will run away than there are those who will stay and fight. That means that an outbreak will become worse. How do we know? Because in Liberia there ain't enough health workers which means this Ebola is spreading. And they are lucky, there are other nations sending in aid. What happens when all nations are dealing with the crises at home? Where do extra health care workers come from then?

Modern human civilization is too fragile. Mother Nature (yes with capitals) is more of a threat to us now than at any time in human history simply because there are over 7 billion of us and our population relies on too much technology that can easily be shut down and lost.

What happens when the electric grid goes down? We saw that a minor issue took out the eastern Coast of north America in 2003. What happens when something equally minor happens when a percentage of the line workers just up and decide to not go to work because they fear a contagion?

The east coast didn't panic because they knew that it was only them.

New Orleans didn't panic because they knew that somewhere out there help was coming. Even though it got kinda ugly.

What happens when you have an outbreak affecting several cities and FEMA is taxed to its limits and people are afraid that a deadly disease is everywhere? They believe no help is coming who do they turn to?

The Health Care system of the Western World has already demonstrated it ain't prepared. Mr. Duncan was a demonstration of just how ill-prepared the USA is to deal with Ebola.

Lord help us if similar mistakes happen with a couple more patients in other cities.

^ Well, I'm not counting out the possibility of deadly diseases breaking out in developed countries. I'm merely trying to point out the vast difference between the West and let's call it the Third World: the same pandemic will be much more fatal in the latter than in the former due to lack of health facilities, staff, hygiene, education, etc. Take for example the case of HIV, a virus, which did in fact break out in the United States but with significantly less fatal consequences than in southern parts of Africa. To simply dismiss the social inequality here is to ignore the elephant in the room.

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