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here is my introduction. my name is joseph fernandes and i am from bangalore,india.
i am doing m.sc. in physics currently. i have come out recently to my cousin and he is supportive. i feel happy that i have someone in my life who accepted me. i was searching in google and found this interesting forum. i have some deep underlying issues which i have bottled up in myself and this has led me to depression. i am coping fine now after therapy. i hope i can discuss these issues in this forum and receive comments and advice from other members in this forum. i'm also interested in making some friends here. i hope i have not made a long introduction. thank you.

Hi and Welcome Joseph. Wavey

Welcome , Joseph

Welcome Joseph.
You will definitely enjoy being here.

Nice intro Smile welcome to GS Wavey

Welcome to GS !!!!! Smile

Hello and welcome to GS. Smile

Feel free to be as open with us as much as feel you are able to be.

Hello, Joseph from Bangalore, and Welcome to GaySpeak. Your issues are those of many on these boards so you should feel free to discuss them with any of us. I think you'll find quite a lot of moral support and advice here. Are some of your issues to do with family or with culture, do you think?

Welcome to the forum Joseph.

I seem to recall we have a few other guys from India in the forum.


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