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just came out
hi,a few users on here knew my story,my best friend has been in deep love with me for easily 11 years,ive always knew I was gay,never mentioned it and has been after me literally every day,been depressed over it,mom passed in November and I believe she knew and was ok,well I drank some pucker the other night and said a bunch of stuff,i regret it now,well minutes ago I told her,shes like how come I never told her any sooner,i feel very uncomfortable now and awkward,is this normal??? she said shes ok with it,all her other friends are gay or bi but I don't feel like the job is done,i need some help,i feel like a d&*k for not saying and leaving her like we were gonna get together,she thought and thought we was but I never throwed hints,i throwed gay hints forever,havent dated any girls and my fb is full of gay people,i feel funny,can I get some advice,i feel like 12 years wasted,feel like we will never be good friends anymore,been crying for atleast a hr,glad I wasn't drinking or it could have been bad.yall make me feel better here and boosted my confidence to tell her,i feel like I belong here,thanks yall

pm if you want to talk or comment

Hey Cody, if she said she was OK with it just give it some time. You can't think of it as 12 years wasted if you two had good times together! Give it some time for it to sink in and all will be OK.
I can EXPLAIN it to you but I can't UNDERSTAND it for you

that's what I told her,shes like its ok all my friends are gay,with time it will get better,honestly I cant even talk to her right now,she just txt and said it even hasn't hit her yet,she said it dosent feel right,when I go to donate what is gbp?

pontiacgp Wrote:that's what I told her,shes like its ok all my friends are gay,with time it will get better,honestly I cant even talk to her right now,she just txt and said it even hasn't hit her yet,she said it dosent feel right,when I go to donate what is gbp?

GBP refers to the British pound. You may need a currency converter if you want to donate a specific dollar amount. Google currency converter
Just put the amount you want to convert in the box and then select from the drop down menu's, the first is your countries currency, the second would be GBP, or Euro's I suppose.

You're being too hard on yourself sweetie, and it sounds like you've been feeling bad for a very long time. Give the situation time to sort itself out. Stop beating yourself up, you've not wasted anything. Think about those years. They can't all have been bad. There are good memories in there, you just have to look for them and not concentrate on what might have been. What might have been is long past... What you have today is "now". Make the most of now.

You took the first step by coming out and you should be proud of it. The aftermath may not always pan out perfectly or the way you want it to, but you have been honest and nobody can fault you with that. It will get better. *big hugs*

12 years of a friendship is not a waste. We have a silly notion in our culture that the only reason men and women are interacting is to determine if sex is to happen. That is not always the case. At age 21, I imagine you have time to develop whatever sort of friendship/relationship with her you want. Or none at all if this is what you want. The big thing is that you have demonstrated that you can be independent enough to say what you want without her dictating the terms. That is real progress.
I bid NO Trump!

Yep, 21 is still very young. Plenty of time to figure things out.

Cody what a huge step! I'm happy to hear it but sorry it's so uncomfortable and difficult. LISTEN!!!! The hardest part is OVER. She NEEDED to know and hear it from you if you two have really been friends enough that she's let her interest in you be known all along. It's made change for both of you now, MAKE IT good. Go out of your way to express your gratitude and appreciation for her and that you care about her friendship even though she is hurt in it all too. Tell her you will not crowd her as she comes to terms with it and you'll accept whatever she decides and you are so very hopefully she'll stay your good friend because you do love her and don't want to lose that friendship. Then maybe in time it'll be worth the effort.

If not, and she rejects you, it is about her...not you...

That would be sad, but if so, you come here to us!!!!! We love you and know what you are going through and will be here for you. We will even be here for her! Maybe she can become a GS friend or family member in time too! That would be cool!

Use this time as momentum for finding peace and happiness in your life Cody! I am so thankful you shared it with us! Can't wait to hear how it goes in time. Wavey Remybussi
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

LJay im trying to make our friendship work,just feels awkward talking about it,if she cant come to reason then honestly im not sure what else to tell her,im trying and have got to be strong for myself

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