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Jake's forced vacation - Goodbye from him for now
PS--I have lived with only one kidney for about 60 years. The other one was removed.
I bid NO Trump!

LJay Wrote:I think you should get care an multiple diagnoses as close as you can and as soon as you can. Have you considered private physicians right there in town?Isn't there a private system in Canada as well as the public one?

Flying to Paris seems damned risky.

Hang in there, Alex and keep us posted. I'm crossing my fingers and sending soothing vibes to you both.

In Canada yes there is an underground private system... but it's illegal and only for rich people and daddy would refuse to take part of this. For dad either they fix the system or they allow legally private clinics.

We know it's a risk, but Alex is also a doctor if something goes wrong, I know he'll know what to do. He's bringing his surgery kit, and everything and he just hired an intern to come with us. Alex is super cute, super nice, but he also doesn't like to wait hahaha (I know that personally LOL).

LJay Wrote:I think you should get care an multiple diagnoses as close as you can and as soon as you can. Have you considered private physicians right there in town?Isn't there a private system in Canada as well as the public one?

Flying to Paris seems damned risky.

Hang in there, Alex and keep us posted. I'm crossing my fingers and sending soothing vibes to you both.

As my daughter said there's no private system here. In fact, if I were to accept to work without the Order to know and we accept the money, they could immediately revoke my license. That's not an option.

I am taking all possible precaution before we leave. After all, I am a surgeon too, but I didn't get my license to do surgery yet, I can practice general medicine, but no surgery just yet, but I know what to do in case there is problems in the plane and I will definitely do it if needed to.

I hired an Intern to come with us in France to assist me if anything happens during the travel, I have all my kit for surgery and medical aids. I'm ready. I will perform the operation myself If I need to I swear.

But I cannot let him wait. There are Clinic in USA, 1 week wait, Canada 2 weeks, France Tomorrow. Hell. which one is the best? We are going on a private jet, so there's no other people than us and employees.

I know someone can survive with one kidney, however, there's a little problem with this, I would never suggest a young guy like Jake to go around with one kidney and a deadly Damocles' sword floating above his head. His kidney's didn't fails, it's just a little broken which can be fixed with surgery. So we'll try at least that. By the time it breaks again I do hope I'll have my license so I can fix him myself.

Any I'm heading with Jake, Sandy and Josh to the airport, the Limo truck is coming in less than a hour.

Thank you all and I'll let you know how it was. Hopefully, I can catch some sleep on the plane, and nothing to worry for Jake we agreed I'll give him something to sleep. What an irony when you think of it Jake detest drugs and our house is full of it hahahaha!

Heading to Paris NOW... Have a good night everyone and thanks for your support. Jake will be back soon!


Safe flight Alex. Take take of Jake.


You know it's funny how the majority of us here on the forum do not know each other and have never met in person yet I find myself worried about the people here when something bad happens or does not go right. Today I read that two of the forum members who I respect Jake and Virge (yea I guess I respect you Virge!) are ill and I find myself deeply concerned for their well being.
Funny how you can feel close to people you have never met! I guess that speaks a lot about the members we have here!
MarySandy, They are so lucky to have you!
Jake, I wish you all the best in your treatment and recovery.
Alex, Hang in there. It will all work out. Please keep us updated when you find the time.
Wishing you all the best. Paul
I can EXPLAIN it to you but I can't UNDERSTAND it for you

Just so you all know, we have arrived in Paris. no incident, Jake slept the whole time and I took guard with Sandy and Jonathan, the Intern, and we arrived safe and sound in Charles de Gaulles' Airport where as expected Sandrine was there waiting.

The expression on her face when she saw Jake coming out the plane in a wheelchair is what made me almost wanting to burst into tears. She was looking at him and finally said "The great and inflexible giant has finally flex his knees" - in French that would sound like - (the great giant had fallen from its cloud.) Jake has the reputation of being an insufferable asshole and yet a very loyal friend, he's impenetrable, untouchable - physically and mentally he's known to be a stone. But he will go to the end of the world to help you if he needs to, and today that's what I've done for him as he did for me a few years ago.

I am going to assist Sandrine with the surgery, as she asked me to and it will give me a good practical experience, and finally I'll see if Jake as different insides that would explain its fucking stubbornness hahahaha. He could be an alien and we wouldn't know. It's 5pm and we are operating in a hour. Sandrine decided that it was better to operate during the evening because of the atmospheric pressure being less dense and the patient' stress level is lower. That's something they don't teach you in medical school. I am going to learn so much, I'm glad I took that decision to bring him here. She has a private clinic, but extremely equipped with about 10 employees, nothing more nothing less. I would love so much to have something similar as opposed to being overruled by governmental regulations. They have regulations in France too, but here, a family doctor will visit you at home for a routine checkup.

Their health system is so much more organized, doctors have much more freedom and power of decision. In Canada you need at least 15 to 20 years to have your voice heard, until then you're just one vote in the basket.

Josh is still spaced out, but being comfort by his big sister, I just hope there will be no permanent scars on that. He does have to deal with the fact that nobody's eternal, not me, not his dad or any of his siblings including himself. Death is part of life and death creates life.

That's it for now guys. Have a great evening! Morning, Afternoon where ever you are in the world at the moment.


* Oh by the way, Jonathan, the intern is 22 years old gay, studying medicine, very cute by the way - amazing green eyes and NO he's not blond LOL, not everyone and everything has to be blond, I'll convince him to come and visit you guys Smile

Thanks for the update. Sounds like this are going well. Good luck with the surgery.

Please keep us updated! Good luck and prayers sent your way!
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

He will get well soon. We already miss him in the forums.

Alright Guys! The operation was a success, according to Sandrine that is, basically, Jake had an inflamed area on his left kidney that could have easily turned into a cancer if it wasn't taken care of. So 1 week, 2 weeks wait could have turned the inflamed area into a nasty cancer. We removed and cut out the piece that was affected and it should rebuild itself. What caused this? Stress, salt and of course diabetes, but alcohol is the main culprit. As per Sandrine, the inflammation doesn't come from Jake's eating habits, but drinking habits, as I said before, he is a very picky eater and many things that we love and go for, he doesn't. But he does like wine, beer, and some hard alcohol and he has this ability to drink a large amount of alcohol and yet not getting sick, but whilst it may not show externally, it does makes some severe damage internally. If I would drink the same amount of alcohol Jake can swallow, I'd be sick and throwing my guts up the next day, but he doesn't, it seems that he'll just go about his business, and even though he would feel a little pain in the lower end of his abdomen, he'd just drink a liter of water thinking that it was okay because the pain will go away. But with time, the tissues of his kidney get damaged and the older we get, longer it takes for the body to repair those tissues. That's what happened in his case the body could not follow, so the inflamed area got bigger and deeper and could be fixed because more alcohol was poor onto the wound, day after day, after day.

He's not an alcoholic, he can go for days, weeks not drinking, but when he does, there's no stopping him and that's how his kidney got affected along side with the fact that he's diabetics. I am myself, very keen on alcohol, but I have a limit, I don't like waking up throwing up and feeling like shit all day, Jake doesn't throw up, in 9 years of being together, I never witnessed him being sick and throw up, I guess that's one other thing he doesn't like and he has found a way to control it, but the body cannot keep up, sometimes it's good to throw up, I feel so much better when the shit finally got out and I'm definitely will not fight it. But he does. So I know there will be some work to be done on that. I may even give him Ipecac (which is used to induce vomiting) - that's something he can't fight with - Ipecac will make you throw up no matter what.

In short, Jakey needs to relax as per regarding alcohol, he's not in a condition to drink like he used to do as a teenager, his system doesn't take it anymore. AA will not do anything for this guy, taking into consideration that AA often used the bible or a short version of the bible to convince alcoholic, that's they're doing wrong - no bible or religious books will ever convince that hard shell atheist who doesn't believe in god or any gods -neither do I for that matter.

Something else bother's Jake and that will be the reason and we have to find the reason, forget about him being rich, having a trophy husband, kids, and all, it so does happens that many people have everything they want in life and love isn't something they're missing, I love Jake with all my soul and I believe you all noticed that, but something is missing and he will need some help. I know eventually he'll be reading this, and perhaps he'll give me a hard time for bringing it online, but yeah, there's something, something I don't know, something that need to be discovered. He doesn't need to drink to be funny, he's a natural comedian, he will make you laugh without a drop of alcohol. He hates drugs and doesn't take any... he refuses to have a puff of weed when I'm having some with friends.

Do you guys have any idea? How should I approach that. If you have questions asked. I know we never do ask advises, but now for his sake I need your advises. I will be sharing your details with Sandrine. And don't forget, Jake is a darn good psychologist/sociologist/historian he can counter proof pretty much anything. Even the smartest among you. I'm waiting for your suggestion. You have the story, the result of it. Do you have suggestions?

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