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Modern sculpture
It's supposed to be a tree. The artist is Paul McCarthy. Methinks it looks like something else completely.

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If that's a tree then I'm the Pope.

Yes you may start calling me 'your holeyness'

LOL...it certainly is...uh....er...GREEN!Supergrin

I was reading that he was actually "inspired" to make this by sex toys and Christmas trees hahaha
EDIT: If that wasn't already evident enough! :-P
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If it upsets the Parisians....I'm all for it.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=2207&d=1413834430]

Can't hardly shrug that one off.

A Christmas tree... that would have been my second guess lol

Bluelight Wrote:A Christmas tree... that would have been my second guess lol
Um, yeah, right. Rofl

Lord have mercy…

But this kind of thing has a history, you know… This one dates back to the 1960s…

[Image: libro0541.jpg]

Topiary, no doubt.
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