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Xian youth pastor rapes teen to cure him of being gay
[Image: Rex_Murphy.jpg]

HIs name's Rex Murphy.
He threatened the boy with his secret powers
as a warlock to keep him from telling his parents

And christians think the biggest threat to their religion is gay people?
They must all be smoking Bible crack


Yes because all christians claim to have magical powers and use Wicca, witchcraft, black magic.

the mind boggles

We learn more and more about these Christians ever day.

Well, hopefully being repeatedly ass-raped in prison will cure him of being a warlock.

I have to say though. A youth pastor who thinks he's a warlock isn't actually a Christian. He is a pathological headcase who used the position to have power over others through playing headgames. It happens in all religions and among the irreligious as well.


I am an Episcopalian. We make everybody who has contact with young people go through "safe church" training and we also never let one adult leader be alone with kids, let alone one kid. A few years ago we cut windows into all the classroom and office doors so there is no opportunity for unobserved activity. We also don't say crap like this... there are only a handful of dioceses left in our church where LGBT people are not at least tolerated... and we're workin on those. We also have zero tolerance for abuse like this... the few times I have heard about a priest getting in trouble it was with an adult (our clergy can be married) and their resignation was immediately accepted. I can't even imagine what would happen if someone did it to a kid but the response would be quick and it wouldn't be pretty.

This kind of stuff makes me sick.

I haven't heard a word of this on TV news. even though it came out a few days ago.

I picked it up off one of my favorite religious Poe sights that does hilarious things like this


"Brother Harry Hardwick " Rofl

MikeW Wrote:"Brother Harry Hardwick " Rofl

I saw Brother Harry speak at gay pride in Chicago 3 yrs ago. He had the whole crowd in tears.

If you want to meet the whole ministry go to youtube and search for landover baptist.

Shocking, and they say that we are the sinners!

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