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AIDS can be transmitted sharing towels
AIDS? Transmitted? Firstly, you do not "transmit" AIDS, AIDS is the illness caused by HIV. Secondly, transmitting? WTF ^_^ that's something radio broadcasters and wireless routers do, not common practise for viruses.

Fuck me, some people should be banned from using words with more than 5 letters.

English is tricky Cuddly.
definition 1b

Virge Wrote:It's people like Robertson that make me believe we should have penalties (severe penalties!) for using a religious or other public format to spread bullshit.

A few years ago he really went off the deep end.... and said gays were using secret rings to transmit AIDS shaking hands....

a blast from the past.......

This heathen, money sucking leech has spread more misinformation on his own than I think that FUX 'News' has with all of their lying liars lying all the time.

The only reason that he has lived as long as he has is that even Hell can't stand the idea of an eternity with him.

Virge Wrote:English is tricky Cuddly.
definition 1b

I'll ban myself from using words with more than five letters. Nevermind, I already failed. Damn, what's the fine?

I think, Virge, that Unca Pat is technically a Presbyterian. Whatever the case, the man has no business anywhere near a microphone. I have a friend who knows him and gets so livid when Robertson's name is mentioned that he can't even talk.
I bid NO Trump!

This man is a real hateful bigot.He shouldn't even be allowed to speak.

He is one of the most pathetic human being and as is anyone who believes him. If you have to continually make outlandish lies to continually hate like this it is just really depressing and pathetic. He is a sad human being who I imagine isn't happy in his own life which is why he resorts to hate.

AIDS can be spread by sharing trowels!!!!

[Image: trowel_4.jpg]

Would make about as much, if not more sense......

Does this mean we have to stop sharing Band-Aids too.

ShiftyNJ Wrote:when you tell people you go to church they immediately start mentally deducting IQ points.

sounds like a decent place to live at. i'd feel right at home.

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