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Mercury in Retrograde
I don't know if anyone believes in astrology....but there is a fascinating co-incidence of Mercury in retrograde and issues with communications and travel technology for me, at least, over the past few weeks.

We have had almost endless issues with ISP, radio signals, crossed communications and mis-communications......

[Image: mercurygod.jpg]
Quote: When Mercury is Retrograde

Sometimes the other planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion. We call this illusion retrograde motion.

Mercury's retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry. However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past. Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.

When Mercury is retrograde, remain flexible, allow time for extra travel, and avoid signing contracts. Review projects and plans at these times, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions.

Apparently though, even though Mercury is no longer retrograde as of October 25th, there is an after-glow period as well.


Come again ???

spilovn Wrote:Come again ???

Mercury is the Roman messenger god. Kind of the godly postal service. When he's in retrograde communications are messed up, hence Rareboy's problems.

I know Mercury in Retrograde can play havoc with contracts and communication.

I know there is something to Astrology...just don't know what it is for sure. I didn't even know what a "Astrological Sign" was until I was maybe 21 or 22. I used to ask every single customer I had at the nightclub what sign they were but not because I knew about astrology one way of the other...I had a horrible problem remembering names so I figured there were only 12 signs and it would be easy to remember that...and it was. Sometimes their name would finally get inside my mind but for most people I remembered them by their sign for years and years..to this day.

I started to notice trends after awhile though there were always exceptions. For instance...all my lovers except for one (the bad one) were Aries...the last week of March...and most every man I was attracted to physically and emotionally was an Aries. One night I had 42 Scorpios at my end of the bar and one Pisces in the corner and I realized almost all my regular customers were Scorpios (and I adore them)...things like that. It all could be coincidence though so I am never really sure if it is true or not....

If someone pointed out to me that knew astrology well to beware of something I would probably pay attention to some degree. This one guy who was not a mystical type at all did my chart once and approached it in his engineer/scientific manner and it was really intense with a lot of charts and graphs he made and I felt like he was spying on me or something....he said things I didn't tell anyone...it was eerily accurate and actually helped me a lot. If he told me to beware of Mercury Retrograde...I would listen

Lay your excuses at the foot of the stars will you?


"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141)

But... but Stars are beautiful!! And what do you have against my brother planets?? What does my home space have anything to do with your communications anyway??

You do realise astrology is mumbo jumbo, made up, has no basis in truth whatsoever, that's what I meant by "come again"

Oh I think we all have some idea......

Listen up, Rareboy.

Everyone knows British Petroleum [BP] has control of all the mercury on the planet. They recently destroyed the Gulf of Mexico with an oil leak. They also leaked mercury and arsenic into shrimp in the Gulf.

The last time I ate a shrimp, it spit in my eye and called me a fucking northerner. They want to be eaten by the dumbest people in Mississippi. That way no progressive candidates can get elected. Best of all, the South has the lowest college board scores.

Nothing causes more retarded homophobes than eating fish laced with mercury by BP. I prefer clams. It makes me stay silent. I only yell 10 or 15 times a day at stupid fucking homophobes on TV

Don't forget. Real men like Rick Santorum toss a dead fetus in the family room at their house. I think they should play touch football like the Kennedys. They refuse. They are infallible Catholics and like to engage in fetus throwing with fucking weird people who vote for them.

Guys, they have openly demanded a Constitutional Amendment against masturbation. You can laugh but BP will make billions of rubber bands to stop ejaculation. They will continue to pollute the world and we will be told to practice abstinence. Fie on you, you goddamn creeps.

I'm a Taurus but I lean towards Aries most days. May 2 is a strange date. El Dos de Mayo. My father was born in County Mayo. I am criminally Irish by trade but a kind and gentle gay lover. I prefer English lovers like my guy Tom.

God bless me, I am mentally ill. I still vote in elections.!!!!

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