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i need your help. İ participate in a selfy -photo-project dedicated to association between art and photo. I tried to present myself in an image of Dionis. But i have hesitation about my photo / I don't know how it looks , do i look bad or i don't .
Would you be so kind to look into my profile to see my photo and then to let me know what do you think about it/ I hope that you will be overcritical.

It's small and really too dark to be able to judge it.
"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
Maggie the Cat from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." by Tennessee Williams

Could you also post the image of Dionis to measure it against, i couldnt find it.

I like the photo, a little small though.

Do you mean Dionysu[Image: 6c3e389e1124c44b9ad7f8ab0221d631.jpg]s?

Rareboy Yes
spilovn Bacchus (Caravaggio)
i tried to do something like that. I'm too old for him but nonetheless i tried to gain some similarity

[Image: bacchus.jpg]

Like this then.

Thanks for your answers


This is a serious request. It is almost impossible in the US to get real news about Russia. We are brainwashed to fear Russia because it justifies incredible military spending. Wall Street controls the 5 media outlets that supply almost 90% of our news.

This is the truth. When I was a young boy, my adopted grandfather J Edgar Hoover, Head of the FBI, said Joseph Stalin was gay. BY THE WAY, my grandfather was gay and liked Stalin a lot at Yalta. Edgar said Stalin was more democratic than Churchill. He said Churchill was more interested in controlling oil than helping Russia win the war. Churchill hated faggots like Stalin. He was the man who demanded an Iron Curtain around the USSR. Hoover said Stalin wanted a Pan_Slavic Union centered on Moscow. Sound normal to me. Enough Russian blood was spilled, they were entitled to be recognized as equals. Right wingers hated communism more than Nazism or fascism.

How do young Russians feel about current history? Russians always seem to get screwed and rich bastards run off with the money.

How do young Russians feel about current history?
I think that majority of young russian relate to current history as to gloomy anecdote
We are brainwashed to fear Russia because it justifies incredible military spending.
There is no reason to be worried. In fact Russia has no plan on war.

My photo was unsuccessful. My nose is too long. Someone suggested to me expose myself in an image of Perseus (Edward Bern Johns)- i think it is reasonable idea. How about you dear members. Would you like participate in the project. If you don't mind we can open the same theme on this forum.

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