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[Image: guinness.jpg]

I try to support imports and small breweries & microbrews more than the big names who advertise the most and dominate the market... just cuz I like variety.
Staropramen, Sam Smith Pale Ale, Abita, Modelo Especial, Dos Equis etc

I used to avoid beer, but I eventually figured out it was the hops/bitterness I disliked. Now I taste different ones when I get a chance.

A friend from Rochester gave me a couple to try from the local Rohrbach Brewing Company. The Scotch Ale was quite good -- a lot of flavor, but not bitter. It's not widely available, unfortunately.

Sam Adams, when drinking beer, which is seldom

Don't drink beer too much, but I generally hate the generic Beer because it tastes like garbage. When I do I like drinking Yuengling, Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA, Woodchuck hard cider is pretty good. I would never drink regular Coors, so I was surprised when a friend recommended I try Coors Light Lime and I was surprised that it was actually pretty decent.

The first time I had alcohol I didn't actually have beer, so I am having trouble remembering a beer story. So I will pick a random one.

I wasn't in the best state of mind.. but a friend of mine and I took his brothers dresser and dropped it out the second story window into his backyard. I was a pretty shitty thing to do. I was drunk but that wasn't an excuse, but I literally just went with it when the friend asked me to help him do it. The brother was obviously very pissed, wanted to fight me but nothing ended up happening.

I would like to point out this story happened in my early 20's, nothing I'd ever do now.

I used to like Newcastle, but have not been too into beer lately. I'm a huge fan of cider though. Especially Angry Orchard's Cinnfull

Hoegaarden is my favorite.

Beer's among my last choices for drink, but if I am going to have it, I like lager, and it has to be VERY cold. One reason I don't drink it is that it takes me forever to finish, gets warm, and then I don't want anymore.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQN80KAU8rsF6-aVrkE2VN...ldtaXswpOQ]

East Wrote:When I used to drink I loved Kirin and Sapporo....both Asian Beers. I loved them ice cold....

I really hated Coors beer and was glad when the gay bars boycotted and got rid of it. It reminded me of what piss might taste like...

My beer stories are...er...all slutty. I was a slut when I didn't drink.... but a much bigger one when I did.

Oh yeah...one beer story...in the Phillipines. I was sitting at a table with a bunch of other sailors and this girl gets on the table and picks up our beers with her vagina and then we were supposed to be excited and drink it...barf...thankfully my horny friend wanted mine too.

Your turn Jaxc! I want to know...
Well, just to get this out of the way, beer was defiantly not the alcoholic beverage i ever tried, but i remember about 10 years ago near christmas, i got the idea of getting my dad
a 6 pack of nice beer and what i chose( because it was seasonal and i wasn't really privy on all the different styles and types at the time) was a pack of Sam Adams winter lager, well my dad appreciated it but i didn,t found until much late( fairly recently actually) that my dad doesn't like heavy lagers( i know what a weirdo:biggrin) he either likes it lite like BudIce(pretty much all he ever gets) or a nice porter or stout( he spend some time in Ireland while in the navy, so it probably grew on him there i'm guessing) but i remember trying the winter lager as a kid and even at the age i was like "This is freaking good!"(not my exact words) and since then i've been experimenting with all kinds of booze (Rum & soda, Vodka & soda, Disaronno, etc.) but it wasn't until around 17/18 that i've been giving beer a serious try, and i'm still slowly but surely discovering my preferences, Stuff like Guinness, Heineken, Yuengling Light, Boston Lager i've enjoy thus far but i still wan't to try many other varieties (especially specialty craft brews) and that's my long winded story :biggrin:

I don't remember when i drank beer for the first time. I think it was with my parents, with a 1664 bottle...

I like the beer, a lot of beer. Mostly since i am in england.
  • Corona
  • Foster
  • 1664
  • Guinness
  • Stella
  • Leffe
  • Hoegaarden
  • ...

My favorite type of beer is the white. It's shame in england you don't have a lot off white beer. I think, i like every beers except the "english" beer, the "bitter". It's a kind of beer without a lot of gaz, i don't like that.

Cheers !Beerchug

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