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I need new good music
I haven't paid much attention to the music industry in a very long time. I generally listen to alternative rock and British rock, and mostly listen when I am in the car. I sometimes will put on my BIT.TRIP soundtrack on while I'm driving too. (points for those who know what it is)

I want to find something different to listen to. No rap, country, or classical, but definitely something fun. What does everyone here listen to and what bands would you recommend for me.

Over the past couple of years, I've been collecting instrumental 7" singles. So I'm probably not much help. Smile I haven't heard anything rock-based all that recently that really got me excited. I heard a slightly older one today that I forgot how much I liked - "Daisy" by Fang Island.

(I'd link you to the YouTube clip, but I'm still under 50 posts.)


How about starting with buying greatest hits albums of different artists? That way you get the best songs of that singer/band and then you can decide if you want to hear more of their music that way.

My favorite band lately has been 'Modest Mouse', they have been around for awhile but they have some good music.

how about




ok go just released a new album, or you can always start a Pandora channel to find new artists and songs.
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I like straight-up rock and punk, starting to get into ska as well. Fav. mainstream band of the past few years is from my native New Jersey. Discovered 'em due to an older band, , which had gone silent for a few years and then randomly signed up to open for Gaslight on a summer tour. Only knew a few TGA songs before that show but have been a fan ever since. The opener was , who also got my attention that day. He was in a punk band called Avail but mostly does a solo act now.

Last show I saw was another NJ band, this one ska, . They're insane, like a marching band gone rogue or something. I have not seen so much energy from an audience in a long time... after 3 hours the mosh pit was still crazy. I also liked the soloist who I mentioned in my post in "on your mind" the other day. He's kind of like Elvis Costello with a pottymouth.

I like a few Modest Mouse songs, but I really disliked their earlier work. I used to jokingly call one of heir albums This Is a Really Long Album For a Band With Nothing To Sing About.


Finding new music is always a fun past-time for me. However, my tastes are more deep rooted in Metal. The latest Slipknot is fucking amazing! Big Grin
Hip-Hop, Country, Blues, Punk and Hardcore are my other favorites. So I may not be of help here, but...

I usually go to YouTube and check out the related artists/bands and see if any of them have a good song/video that really catches my eye.. or ears for that matter. I'm kind of a geek for music so I usually go in a bit over my head with bands and get swamped with new music all the time doing that. But, it never fails me, nonetheless!
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