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What do you do?
Okay this is just a random question and I am just curious what people do for fun in there neck of the woods?

If you live in a place warm year round what do you do for fun?

If you live in a place that has winter and snow what to do you do for fun?

Me personally I am living in Colorado at the moment and in the summer I am an avid hiker and I love to get lost up in the mountains in Colorado. This past summer I worked at the Grand Canyon for about two months and then finished my summer in Colorado working at the ski resort that I worked last winter.

While at the Grand Canyon I did some plateau hikes that were fun as well as we went to the south rim and we hiked down to Indian Gardens which was a blast until we had to start hiking uphill and then it was a killer and we did it exactly when you weren't supposed to do it and I hated it at the time but when I was done I was like I wouldn't mind doing that again.

I also did a hike at Zion National Park called The Narrows that I loved so much and it was a blast, you hike in the water and its coming down stream on the way up and then down stream on the way back. I didn't do the entire thing but someday I really want to do the entire thing, anyone game?

We also did some hiking in other areas in Southern Utah as well, when I say we it was this guy that was in charge of the recreational activities at the job I worked at and oh by the way I got paid to make those trips and to hike, the only time I have ever gotten paid to do something I enjoy doing besides skiing in the winter.

Then I finished my summer in Colorado and I live at the ski resort and I did hikes in every single direction while I have been here and that was a blast.

Then in the winter I downhill ski and I skied 161 days last winter and this winter I am not planning on skiing as much.

So that is what I do in my neck of the woods. My biggest thing I hate is when people live wherever they live and they say they are boring and they can't find anything to do. Well hiking is free and you can do that anywhere or just go for a very long walk.

I can't say that skiing is cheap or free unless you are like me and you work at a ski resort and after buying the equipment it doesn't cost a dime.

I used to hike, camp, hunt, back pack. etc.

Since I am no longer allowed to drive due to the epilepsy I just stick to walking around my block.

Mind that is a rural block - a bit longer and wider than a city block... and since there is a river down the middle with only two bridges it is about a 7 mile walk....

I spend most of my time outside as much as possible in winter. We get cool days, 50-60 in winter, and colder nights, but not heaps of snow and horrific things like that. so i can spend days outside putting around gardening and stuff. My days are pretty much similar regardless of the season.

Other than that I read, and read, and read.... I love learning new stuff.... too much.

drink and sleep, more of the latter than the former these days

read science books,
go over to friends' places, or have them come over,
have sex,
go see live music,
watch films,
experiment with food/recipes to come up with some novel but tasty combinations,
buy high-tech ''toys'' for myself,
draw, write poetry, paint....
redecorate part of my house...

In the summer I do like to get out for a hike in the mountains on weekends.
In winter (assuming its a reasonably nice day which we get plenty of here most years), I still like to get out for a walk - but down in the suburbs or city

I do always look forward to the late-spring/summer/early-fall period Smile

fishin', farmin', workin', cookin', lovin', vounteerin', committe/board servin', never a dull moment

but my fav is shootin' pool (8 and 9 ball) both IRL and on miniplayer Smile

I used to do aLOT of hiking and camping back in the day too!
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I'm jealous, I'd love to hike round the Grand Canyon area. That place is on my 'to do' list if I ever get to the US. I enjoy hiking too but not been out as much as I used too, and we don't always get great weather here but the hills and mountains aren't that far from Glasgow. Ben Lomond will probably be my next walk, weather permitting.
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In the good weather I love going for long walks
In the countryside you can get up to a lot of fun...

take long walks, preferably by the beach

Fun? That sounds like a suspiciously familiar word. Let me research the definition and get back to you.

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