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The first time I realize I was (if nothing else) bicurious
I don't have any issue with how people want to label or not label themselves. The only thing that gets to me is guys who wear "straight" like it's some kind of badge when in fact they are doing M4M stuff on the DL. As it happens many of the religious and political people who keep up oppression against queers are themselves repressing/hiding something, but it happens on the local/social level too.

I don't know about anyone else, but I rather enjoy hearing a little smutt now and then! Tell your story!!! Smile

Okay I don't know why the debate started about labels. I started writing about something that made me realize I wanted to experiment, and it becomes a debate.

Anyway, what got me interested Is graphic. Granted I could probably water it down, but then what would be the point? ;-)

At any rate, it was a sex scene that happened in a book between two characters named Bernie and Kassler. Bernie was gay and in love with Kassler, but Kassler has never had a gay moment in his life. Kassler goes over to Bernie's house to ask him a favor (related to the plot, but I can't remember). He winds up staying the night and getting seduced by Bernie.

I think the hotness of it stems from Kassler surrendering to it, saying to himself, "All right, this guy loves me...we've been friends a long time...might as well let him do his thing." LOL

Hell, there is even a point before the activity begins where Kassler tells Bernie, "If I were ever inclined to love another man, it'd be you."

I guess if anyone wants anything more graphic, you can PM me.

I always wanted to read a gay erotica. I'm glad your more willing to experiment! I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!

Radbot42 Wrote:I always wanted to read a gay erotica. I'm glad your more willing to experiment! I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!

Well there is no shortage of gay erotica out there, believe me. However, this book was not predominantly a "gay novel." I think that is also what made it so hot: the fact that this scene pops up out of nowhere.

I didn't know anyone under 18 was allowed here?

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