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Madness at Halloween
For years my beloved sister has set up the most elaborate Halloween displays imaginable and she has enlisted (coerced) all the family to join in and help. The display goes all around the outside of your house, spills into the driveway, and we redesign he large garage and fill it full. Most of the decorations are built from scratch. Those that we do buy we usually take apart and reassemble so they look better and are more original. The tombstones in the graveyard are all our own. She has multiple dummies set up in costume and then we join them in costume so visitors never know which ones are "alive". Here are some some examples, some daytime some night time.

Halloween Video 1

Halloween Video 2

Halloween Video 3

Halloween Video 4

Halloween Video 5

Halloween Video 6

Halloween Video 7

Halloween Video 8

Halloween Video 9

Halloween Video 10

Halloween Video 11

Halloween Video 12

Halloween Video 13

And that's not even the half of it...

Better than Christmas. I love it when people get right into the high holidays.

These are great thanks for sharing them with us. Smile

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