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Technology Hits/Misses
I know a lot of people who look forward to every bit of new technology but for me..it is often a feeling of dread...like what am I going to have to deal with now. It might be an age thing ...dunno really...so I am curious if there is any technology or "new thing" you dislike or refuse to use?...or something you are looking forward to?...

My big one is TEXT MESSAGES. I have them disabled on my phone. I do not want to text anyone..for any reason....

It is annoying for me to think that someone would invade my space with a personal message that wasn't important. If I am shopping..I want to shop...or if I am talking to someone else...I prefer to give them my undivided attention....of if I am watching a movie or eating or _____________ I would rather do what I CHOSE to do instead of having someone invade my space. I think a perfect conversation happens when everyone comes to it on their own terms and in their own time...

I used to have the same feeling about the phone LOL..but I got used to it

I ignore text messages sent to my phone.

I don't do texts, chat and other similar 'instant messaging crap'. The way I see if if a person wants to talk to me they can call me.

Sent from my iPhone 10 - Jealous yet?

same here. i ignore text messages as well. if you can take 5-10 minutes to type a text then you can take 2 seconds to dial a number and talk to me directly.

i don't like touchscreen phones. just no. buttons are fine, thank you very much. i really don't understand the whole hype about them. additionally, so many of my friends have had their touchscreens turn unresponsive or done some other weird things that never occur on regular cell phones.

That makes 4! If you have a cell phone, chances are you can make and receive an unlimited number of free local and national phone calls from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am; I know I do!! having said I make it known to all the contacts on my cell phone, that if they want to get in touch with me, TO PICK UP THE PHONE AND GIVE ME A CALL! I do use text messaging but only when I need to contact someone, who I know may be too busy to answer it!

East... luv ya, but don't agree. I prefer texts. They're generally to the point, short, and sweet without a bunch of social "how are you" formalities. IMO they're less intrusive because you can get one in the middle of Dinner, a movie, taking a dump, sex, ... and you can respond when YOU feel like it instead of being trapped on the phone making the "blah blah blah" hand motions to your BF. It's like e-mail lite.

What Borg said. I usually don't like phone calls, they're awkward about 99% of the time. Only problem with texts is the same problem you have in any form of text communication, which is the lack of the information that is conveyed through tone of voice and body language (the latter of which you don't get in phones either anyway). Well, that and when people fill up your inbox with a ton of short messages they could've put into one bigger message.

As for the tech misses...iPads and other tablets, too big to fit in your pocket like a phone but not big enough to have a real keyboard like a laptop...also the new generation game consoles (apart from Wii U which is literally the Best Thing Ever Created, praised be to Nintendo Most High). Flashy graphics and hours-to-days-long download times to play $60 half-completed games so you can wait to pay for DLC and micro-transactions to play the full game you should've had in the first place. What a blast. Get yourself a proper SNES

Text messages are awesome. I hate talking on the phone for any length of time. Also with texts, you can send it to multiple people at the same time. My friends have a text group that sends it to our group of 5. We can send a text to the other 4 and respond to it so that everyone is in on the same conversation. It is amazing.

Misses: I don't want a phone or a piece of high tech on my wrist. My hands and wrists hit things through out the day and I would be terrified of ruining it.

My phone is my computer, its not an i thing, its just touch screen but so used to it now, i dont have a big computer, im quite a techno phobe, i was late using the internet, only started 2 or 3 years ago, i used to say i never would use the internet, for a while i couldnt understand what a fucking app is. I used to text a lot, i met guys through that medium and sometimes i didnt and wasted a lot of time texting but dont anymore. I dont like phone calls, i hate the sound of a ringing phone, i like to be with someone, i can be ok on a phone convo for a few minutes but then i want to get away and end it abruptly.

Hmmm...I love text messaging. I like traditional phone calls too. Phone calls are great because you get to hear someone's voice, the tone, and when you need the urgency for someone's response when it's an important matter. Texting is more laid back and you can reply whenever you have the time. Don't want to be bothered while watching a movie or having dinner? You can always turn your phone silent and check the phone when YOU want to.

I hate the social expectations that come along with technology.

I won't even give anyone my mobile number.

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