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Homoerotic horror films must sees (apparently)

Just saw this and thought it was hilarious. One of my friends and I are gonna watch a few of these.

^ I love those.....I even remember a few of them.

Don't pass up:

[Image: gayracula04.jpg]

I remember some of those scenes but the movies...not so much...

A really bad ...but so bad it is kinda good....gay series that made it through three seasons (yeah...I watchedRoflmao)

Dante's Cove (It is a horror gay soap opera)

[Image: 250full.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTlY7ggIiiBbyoZ2zuf2yh...3Xu2gKW5YT]

Apparently I'm gay, but not that gay....

I never get into gay movies, erotic or otherwise, they all seem formulaic and lame.

[Image: Rocky_Horror_throne_screencap.jpg]

This didn't make the list?

Jeepers Creeper 2 (from the link you posted) is a fun, creepy little movie. Definitely homoerotic. And The Covenant (also from your link) is a fun film with good special effects and a couple of creepy crawly horror moments. The best part about The Covenant is the abundance of drool inducing man candy.

Hellbent is a fun little film. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, since it's not first rate cinema, but it's leaps and bounds above Dante's Cove or The Lair (which are terrible gay wanna-be drama series with supernatural elements). Both made my stomach turn.

Hellbent is at least a fun watch.
[Image: hellbentcov_zps0d7fefcb.jpg]



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