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Secret cure for genital warts
I was extremely promiscuous when I was young and became an expert of sorts on the subject of STIs.

One of the many diseases I caught at the time was genital warts: small white lumps on the head of the penis that were spreading rapidly. They were painless but looked awful and disgusting.

I went to see a terrible urologist that said that circumcision was the only solution. I was very depressed. I did some tests that indicated HPV, thank God no HIV.

Self medication is always a risk but in my case, it worked. I tried a cream called ZOVIRAX (acyclovir) and, even though it's a herpes treatment and not a genital warts treatments, it was extremely effective: the warts immediately stopped spreading, they quickly disappeared, there were no side effects and no circumcision was needed.

I know other guys that also tried ZOVIRAX with excellent results and there's at least one article that claims that it could also treat warts.

So, my advice is this: if you have genital warts, consult your urologist and ask him about ZOVIRAX.

Thanks Londoner. You've just given me one more good thing to add to my list of reasons I'm going to stay monogamous.

Amen, Virge! Amen.
I bid NO Trump!

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