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Gag Reflex
About two weeks ago I got together with a guy that I only have been with one time before and he is very cool and he got a hotel not that far from where I live because I don't have a big bed and I didn't want my next neighbor to hear us and plus it was so much better at the Hotel fooling round. Well I started to suck him and I found myself not being able to take much of him and I would have a gagging motion and even though I would have loved to take his entire cock I just couldn't do it.

Even when I take medicine I will get the same way before I even take it and I was just curious what is the best way to prevent that and not do that when I am sucking a cock? I would love to deep throat him and take it all in my mouth without feeling like I am going to gag, any pointers or advice? It would be greatly appreciated

Pull your tongue back. I believe the gag reflex triggers when the back end of your tongue is touched.

Lay face up on the bed, with your head laying over the end, so it hangs down. Then have him insert.


Sandy, I've heard of two things that are a possibility to control gag reflex. One is bizarre and I'm not sure why it would work...
... drink some orange juice.

Two, this makes a lot more sense to me... The curvature of the erect cock should be taken into consideration. If the cock bends naturally to the floor, you could kneel in front of him or between his legs lying down (facing him) and take him that way, but since you've been having trouble it could be that the other way round would be easier... So we're talking about 69ing here... Apparently, if his erection is bent upwards it'll be easier for you to deep throat him that way, something to do with the way our bodies are organised, and angle... Something Lex was alluding to. Try it.

Learning is best if both participate. Practice HELPS! Learn to breath through your nose and relax while "feeling" the point of beginning to gag and hold it there. Don't be afraid or try to just avoid the gag reflex. Embrace it to learn how to control it. It will change over time with practice....I swear! He should be looking for it too and helping. It's more psychological and "autonomic" for survival. The salient feature of humans is choosing to change our very own nature, so make it happen! The journey IS the destination and where all the fun happens! sLuRp! Sagrin
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

I have no idea why but this is supposed to work.

[Image: 17n1rixen46ibjpg.jpg]

Desire has a lot to do with it for me, and how into the guy I am.

Relaxing the throat is a 'trick' which I can't explain how its done. I just do it. And no one explained the mechanics of how.

[Image: X2604-R-09a.png]

Anywhere with in the pink area can trigger a persons pharyngeal reflex or gag reflex.

"According to one study, one in three people lacks a gag reflex.[3] However, on the other end of the spectrum are people with a hypersensitive gag reflex. This hypersensitivity can lead to a variety of issues, from swallowing a pill or large bites of food to visiting the dentist. Hypersensitivity is generally a conditioned response, usually occurring following a previous experience. There are a variety of ways to desensitize one’s hypersensitivity, from relaxation to numbing the mouth and throat to training one's soft palate to get used to being touched. Of course, the effectiveness of these techniques varies with the person."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pharyngeal_reflex

Yeah sure you can hold your hand oddly, drink orange juice, yodel while standing on your head- but the reality is you just need to desensitize your throat/mouth and that take practice.

Perhaps a flavor condomed coated dildo to practice with?

The way I broke through my gag reflex was plenty of practice with my first partner. since he wasn't just some random hook up, we had the trust thing, time, patience and plenty of opportunity to try new things. Trust leads to relaxation, and relaxation is a must.

If you learn how to swallow and keep swallowing whilst the object is lodged in your throat it has a tendency to prevent the gag reflex more than just trying to stuff something down your throat. Added benefit is that it does delightful things for your partner Wink.

Unless you are one of the hyper sensitive types (do you gag when swallowing a pill? If yes you are hyper sensitive) the majority of your issue can readily be solved via practice.

Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:If you learn how to swallow and keep swallowing whilst the object is lodged in your throat it has a tendency to prevent the gag reflex more than just trying to stuff something down your throat. Added benefit is that it does delightful things for your partner Wink.

This above that Bowyn Aerrow said, along with angle, are your friend when trying to bypass a gag reflex and swallowing dick.

The position that Lexington explained in his post (lying on your back on the bed with your head hanging back over the edge) is the angle part of the equation. This teaches you what angle your throat and head will need to be in to take his length from the cavity of your mouth deeper into the column of your throat. Once you are familiar with this angle (and how much room for adjustment you can do comfortably) you will be able to then start swallowing pipe in other positions more easily.

Now. Swallowing. THAT is the second part of the key to doing this. You can't get pipe down your throat while your throat is closed. Thus, if all you're doing is holding your breath and trying to wedge it down your throat? It won't work.

Swallowing naturally -opens- the throat. Thus as long as your throat is in the action of swallowing, the channel stays open and his dick can pass (or wedge) its way in. You -may- gag on the pull out, but as long as you continue to keep swallowing, it will help you bypass the gag and it shouldn't be too bad.

I enjoy taking it deep as it can go and ignoring my gag reflex, i simply dont do what it asks me to, its easy enough to ignore but its more in your mind not your mouth. I dont do continual up and down motion either, i start at the base and come up and completely off, giving him a moment of anticipation, its not about speed its about technique and that anticipation can be just as pleasurable.

I think im pretty good but could do better

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