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Real online deflation...
This is a video which is not pornographic, but rather looks at (in a funny way) the way a penis deflates after being aroused. How long will it take, and more importantly, how long will that drop of precum stick....?

Interesting! I think it can take a shorter time than it shows on the video. I think just the act of being on video would make it take longer to deflate. To some extent we are all voyeurs.

The talking is so sweet. aw. But like. They showin this in some class? That must be so awkward. lmao. Butt hey.

I think it may be a slo-mo video.

No, it's not a slow motion video, but this young man hadn't come so to some extent, his erection might take longer to quell... and abate.

It is also fun to play backwards.

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