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It's That Most Wonderful Time of the Year......

Movember.[Image: MG723_EDM-InfoGraphic_CA-FA_659x671_Spli...DONORS.jpg]

Anyone going to get your stache on?

Go full bush and take a month off from shaving.....Or just let your inner Dali out.

[Image: 35573-banner-movember-kick-off-party-at-...Tacoma.jpg]

I only participate below the neck. But I do it year round to make up for it.


I have beard and mustache already. Am I supposed to shave it off?
I bid NO Trump!

^ Some do. I won't.

For those not familiar with Movember, it is a cause dedicated to men's health. It started in regard to prostrate cancer and has now grown outwards. It was originally an Aussie initiative that has grown.

I believe it is the # 1 source of information and inspiration for men to start talking about their own health. Macho guys die too and it ain't pretty.

For information at: www.ca.movember.com/ or
Incredibly worthwhile causes get funded by Movember:

prostrate cancer
testicular cancer
and their newest initiative is men's mental health.

Any Canadian's signed up? Send your details so that I can donate. I used to participate, but I am a lousy fundraiser. Much better off as a donor as I have the financial resources.

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