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I don't know what to do
Hey guys, I'm new to this whole site but I really need an advice. My whole family has been ignoring me ever since I came out. I feel alone. I hope you guys can help me.

Hi you. That sucks. Did you come out recently or has it been this way for long?

There's lots of guys in situations similar to yours, so don't feel alone for that reason.

Since I know very few details of the situation, I can't really help that much. All I can say, however, is that sometimes it takes families a while for them to come around and accept a family member who has come out as gay. How long since you came out? They might need more time. Even if they never fully "get over it", things can get better. That being said, you have the right to be who you are and if they do not respect that, you can find people who will accept you for exactly who you are.

Two things.

What are YOU doing to reach out to them?

What friendships are you maintaining and what do you do to maintain them?

It is possible you may be used to people coming to you, but you may need to start going to others more. What gay friends do you have?

Re-read the above post.

You also need to be reaching out to reassure them that you are still the same person.

Just re-connect on the everyday things and let them know that everything is still 'normal'.

welcome to GS firstly....
your question is perfectly suited to gayspeak....the site is set up so people who are gay don't have to be alone !!! you can chat here and make friends anytime of the day....th eplus side is you will get great advice from others who even gone through the very same problem you are having right now...

for now I just say hang in there - your not suddenly going to disappear so hopefully your family will slowly come around just by having to interact with you over time

Welcome to the site Skymana.

We need a few more details to give you some support. Suffice to say there are a few of us older guys who have pretty much been around the block with this subject, including coming out in our 40's (and some older)

We're here to offer support, jump on here and respond to the questions or feel free to inbox us and ask questions.

skymana Wrote:Hey guys, I'm new to this whole site but I really need an advice. My whole family has been ignoring me ever since I came out. I feel alone. I hope you guys can help me.

this sucks. do you think you could be upfront and ask them if anything is going on? you don't have to make it like you don't realize there's been a change in attitude or make them more comfortable by not talking about it. ask them straight up what it's about. i've found that the best way to resolve most problems in life is to just put yourself face to face with whatever it is you're having an issue with.

good luck.

Sorry to hear that your family is ignoring you, hopefully they will adjust to the news in time. When I first came out I printed some information off the Internet about what it means to be gay, and passed it into my family, I found this helped them understand better. You could try something like this and it sounds like you really need to have a talk with them, a awkward silence is no good to you or your family.

How much you wana bet we never hear from this OP again?

It is SO frustrating. Someone comes on, shouts out a cry for help -- often like this one with barely enough information to get even a hint of what's going on -- expecting us to give good advice with nothing much to go on -- and then disappearing without any reply back into the internet sea.

DUDE, we're a community here. You're more than welcome to join us. We're here to help but you have to help us help you. It really helps us to know your story … not just your problem. It also helps if you join in and participate in other threads… might help you feel less lonely, too. But a drive-by post with no context is just about useless so far as offering advice is concerned.

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