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I recently started wearing thongs. How many guys wear them too? I've gotten a few guys teasing me but honestly I love them and I look hot in one. Are thongs still taboo?


If you can rock a buttfloss look.....more power to ya, I say.

Thanks and ya i do look sexy in one :-) 5 years of swimming will give me that sort of body.

Less is more. I either go boxers or no boxers.

Strut yer stuff gurlfren

Some guys look really hot in a thong. Some guys don't. I'm in the latter category. Presumably you're in the former. Awesome. Smile


Tried a thong but it was too bulky. Air Wear is the way to go.
I bid NO Trump!

Wear what feels right for you, and sod everyone else :p

If you look good in it and find it comfortable, go for it. I personally don't find the sensation of a bit of floss wedged in my crack comfortable. I prefer either boxer-briefs, or nothing.

Every boyfriend ive had bought me thongs, i bloody hate them and they now all live on some garbage patch because i chucked them in the bin. I only wear hipsters which are like small tight boxer shorts and in black, maroon, grey, dark blue, nice colours not illuminous green and yellow with pink stripes and gold stars because i dont need to.

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