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Are you afraid of heights?
This might go some way to explaining how you feel:

"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
Maggie the Cat from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." by Tennessee Williams


just yes.

Yes, thank you very much.

Gee, saw that on late night news awhile ago. That just made me feel sick to my stomach. haha!

Not greatly but somewhat. My boyfriend once took me to the Royal Gorge Bridge as a daily getaway. It was only after we had parked and were walking up that he asked "Oh, are you afraid of heights?" I thought "Well, it's a little late to ask NOW, isn't it?"

[Image: royal-gorge-bridge1.jpg]


It depends, I can not stand the idea of being on the ledge of a tall building, I love roller coasters.
The idea of being strapped in takes away the fear.

yes i get vertigo just from watching heights on the telly but yet i remember climbing cliffs when i was younger and sitting near the edge with my dog, its pretty much how they say "dont look down" and film is good at making you look down and scaring the life out of you

The part about babies was interesting. The part about becoming conditioned to heights is true. Back as a kid I was always climbing trees and the Black Hills and have always been better with heights than most people.

After the marines I took up skydiving in 2010, went through classes and did a tandem jump harnessed to a guy with about 5 seconds of fear before the adrenalin kicked in and was ready for my solo before we touched down. After that... nothing to it except a totally new feeling that's great. It's a shame it doesn't last longer. I did it up until this past April and would have done it all this past summer but broke a hand in May and had to have an operation on it.

I'll be back at it next summer... and Jay has said he's going to try it with me.

[Image: 1278666313_parachute-fail.gif]

As a kid (mid to late teens) back in Kentucky I spent a good deal of time up in trees. My fathers homestead had a grove of old growth oak trees - huge trees. I would even sleep up in the branches on hot summer nights where the cooler air flowed.

We are talking trees that were about this big:

[Image: Oak,%20Chinkapin.jpg]

Back as a kid it was just me and branches. Later on in life hunting, camping, etc I had tree hammock and would sleep up in trees. mind I want to get mauled by a bear, but i'm picky about which bears maul me.

What a tree hammock looks like:

[Image: tim_hammocks.jpg]

I do not fear being on cliffs, side of sheer walls, up on roofs, on ladders. But oddly enough put me in an airplane I totally lose it... Well not that odd, I don't fear flying, I fear the whole going down in a fiery crash aspect of flying.

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