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Taste in men and my personality
Well its not un-usual.. many gay guyz want such things in their guy.
U can stay happy with straight guyz bt straights cant understand the gay feelings ever

[COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="5"]I've rearranged and editted you own words to show you what's wrong.

alex27 Wrote:Im a 27 year old gay guy but I seem to feel differently to lots "not all" gay guys, I dont feel comfortable gay clubbing and dont meet many gay guys at all these days.

The issue that brought me here is that I have "unusual" requirements for a potential partner. Ive always wanted a guy thats going to make me feel safe and protect me, he must be very manly and not expect me to penetrate him.

#1. Ive always fancied straight guys because of these "preferences"
#2. im really put off by casual sex, and feel really dirty when ive done it.
#3. I feel kinda isolated and lonely sometimes. Ive being single for so long (7 years now) so thought i'd ask for advice/ help.

Do any other guys here feel like this?
And is this a very unusual way of feeling for a guy? "

Is there any difference in the logic in your #1 #2 #3 above and the ones below?
#1. I like climbing pine trees.
#2. But I never find apples growing in pines trees and I want apples.
#3. I'm getting tired of looking for apples in pine trees. I've been doing it for years and can't find apples. Can you tell me where to find apples?

I dont understand what your saying Virge? Can you explain pls.

You prefer straight men -- who are by definition incapable in any same sex arrangement of giving more than casual sex. It's no wonder you feel lonely and isolated if you are expecting the type of guys you fancy to give something they can't.

Sounds like me years ago. haha!

Virge Wrote:You prefer straight men -- who are by definition incapable in any same sex arrangement of giving more than casual sex. It's no wonder you feel lonely and isolated if you are expecting the type of guys you fancy to give something they can't.

I fancy masculine men, gay or straight. But there don't seem to be many masculine gay guys about and all the ones there are only seem to want other butch guys. I really didn't understand your Tree analogy lol! but it did sound good!. I guess my question was: Where do I meet masculine gay guys without going to gay clubs, and is wanting a guy to look after and protect me a weird desire to have being a man, its more of a feminine feeling I would say. Haven't heard from anyone who shares that feeling, which is what I was hoping for!

I fancy Masculine men, gay or straight but there doesn't seem to be a lot of masculine gay men about! The ones that are seem to prefer other really manly guys. I guess my original question should have been: Where can I meet masculine gay guys apart from gay clubs! and does anyone else have the feelings of wanted to be looked after and protected by a guy? I've always felt that those feelings were quite feminine and would of been interested to hear from anyone else who feels like that.

If you aren't finding guys you like where you are you might need to expand your search. I don't care where you go there are way more gay guys who don't go to clubs than you'll find in them. Where I live it's a 5 hour drive to the nearest small gay bar and 9 hours to a city with more than one gay bar. The gays here do things together and really don't have much in common with big city gays and most of them are masculine acting and looking who ride horses, ride motorcycles, farm, raise cattle or work other jobs you don't think of as fields gays would be in. Most of the gay guys I know are military because I'm right beside a real big air force base in a small town with one tavern.

Look for organizations and clubs for gays in your area and maybe you can find new people to mingle with. Maybe take a vacation to some place new. Or save up your money and come out my way and meet some real cowboys. hahahahahaha! Small town life away from "big city gay life" isn't bad at all. People are friendlier and more polite for sure. To show you what I mean -- i met a guy and did LTR with him for more years than you'd believe flying 1600 miles roundtrip to see him 4 times a year. Finally after he came here and get to see how things are, and met my friends he decided living in a city od 2 million wasn't as nice as living in a small town of 1500. He'll be here 7 weeks from today.

I'm still not sure if you're looking for large hairy guys (very manly looking, some would say) or if you're just into broad shoulders, abs and a deep voice. The former is supposedly found at bear or leather bars, but as with anything there are internet alternatives.

I'd consider looking for a manly partner to be common for gays. Isn't it reasonable to think that we're gay because we like men?

So who is dating the not manly guys! We are gay because we like men, but some gay men behave like women, whose dating them?! Virge I live rurally in the uk, most gay guys here seem to range from effeminate and camp to average. The handful of blokey guys ive met are usually jerks! I was really hoping to hear from someone else who wants a guy to look after them and protect them, my friends aren't like that and I sometimes feel a bit odd for feeling that way, im a guy after all!

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