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Julien Blanc: guru or racist sexual predator?
I just read this article on Julien Blanc, written by a feminist:


I'm always very suspicious of feminists and the days of prudish damsels are long gone (e.g. my female students are much more sexual than the males) but I haven't seen the video yet.

I'm guessing that Blanc's behaviour is not as outrageous as she claims.

And then there's an important cultural element: in Southern Europe, macho behaviour is still perfectly acceptable, in other countries it may seem shocking and obscene.

He's definitely cute, though.

PUA (pick up artists) are the creepiest dudes out there, glad someone else is calling em out again!

Good to hear some venues will stop hosting him. Everything she claims you can see him do for yourself in the video, including grabbing woman and pushing them down to his crotch and saying pikachu, im not a feminist but i dont need to be to know hes the lowest form of life.

He grabs women around their throats and rubs his thumbs on the corners of their lips?

The jackass has been sampling some of my gay home porn!!!!

I'm betting he suckered her into a writing a controversial review of his videos. Guys will read this and be twice as inclined to order the crap than if she talked about how he did candles and bubble baths.

fucking creep

Virge Wrote:He grabs women around their throats and rubs his thumbs on the corners of their lips?


I wonder if this works with gay men, too. looll

Like I said, I haven't seen the video yet because of internet connection problems but if he really does that without the women's consent, then surely it is some form of sexual assault.

He's right about one thing: Asian girls do seem to be into western guys quite a lot - and vice versa.

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