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Black Friday!
whats everyone planning on getting? I'm hoping to get a nice tv around $200-$250. Don't really know what kind or brand to look for yet but that's my plan.

I refuse to shop on Black Friday.

In fact, I was off Monday this week, and did a majority of my shopping online. Everything is getting shipped.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

Oooh I love Black Friday and Cybermonday, no idea what I am going to get mind , hehe

whats black friday?

spilovn Wrote:whats black friday?

The Friday after Thanksgiving, generally thought to be when Christmas shopping turns the retailers "profit" from the red into the black. Supposedly that Friday starts the Christmas sales season.

I don't even like shopping any other time, so nope. And I work in retail, so I will probably be working.

I don't fancy these type of sales, I don't even like christmas shopping, bah humbug.

Black Friday is an annual disaster that brings out the worst in people out to get the very best deals and sometimes end up trampling over each other, fighting, and killing for merchandise while others wait to rob the lucky Spartan shoppers outside looking for a good mark. And I think it inspired this movie:


If I'm lucky I'll be in the position to get the clap.

I don't shop. loath it hate it and Black Friday can only be made fun for me if I can use a firearm with lots of rounds.....:tongue:

I don't like rushing the season. Christmas is better observed during the 12 Days. All the hooplah leading up to it is tedious. It's much easier to observe it beginning Christmas Eve and following.

The encroachment of the shopping frenzy into Thanksgiving weekend is unwelcome. It turns the focus from being grateful to being greedy, in a heartbeat. Shopping shouldn't be a contact sport either.

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