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Business Partnership Dilemma
BrianNorth Wrote:Business lessons come at a big cost but it's usually for the best. I had something I'd invested many hundreds of hours in fail and all the things I learned doing it transfered into youtube which has gone great. I'd also suggest always keep your day job. Until a passion project shows its true potential then keep it a passion project.

Thanks, man! You're definitely right, everyone of us is still a work-in-progress. Confusedmile:

Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:So to simplify this.

You and she came up with ideas together, now you want to run off with someone else and steal her ideas?

How do I explain this without sounding so arrogant or anything? hehe. Uhm, actually, 98% of the business plan are from myself because, as what I have said, I made the business plan proposal myself which she had accepted and agreed upon. I know this was a lapse in judgment from my part because I let myself selfishly handled that crucial process without her, which actually is supposed to be planned by both partners. haha! Maybe because I was overwhelmed and excited at that time, and because we got only little time before we propose something to our client, and because she seems not having the energy to do it together with me due to her busy schedule. So anyway, I was happy at that time to have done that part.

Plus one more thing, almost every ideas we presented to the clients were mine. Not to sound arrogant again, but I asked her that she can present ideas to client not just listen right there in the corner and making notes like a secretary. I reassured her that we were partners and her ideas are valuable and much appreciated to the project. She said yes but still she's doing the whole timid thing again. She's really actually timid in person. hehe. Yet I gave her the benefit of the doubt and did the business venture with her.

I know this sounds mean, haha, but I think the only best idea she put on the table was when she pitched this business venture to me. lol

I am actually a neurotic, Type A and OC person. I give my all in doing what I like to do. I am really passionate about it. But also, I am compassionate and understanding, however that comes a limit. As long as she follows my pace that would be alright for me. But, it seems like she is not there with me. I tried to talk several times about this issue with her, yet still.

Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:That would be wrong, both ethically and morally and will do severe damage to your friendship with her.

Of course I am pretty sure that this is part in my book. I wouldn't do anything unethical and immoral, it is not in my character to do that to anyone especially to her who also became a good friend.

But, it seems like this is what I am doing to her, like I'm the bad person, even my friends are jumping to this type of conclusion when I told them. But then I immediately explained to them that I designed the whole business plan thing myself. I know this sounds ungrateful to her that I am trying to possess this to myself, but that's truth, I know she knows about it.

I myself did not even expect to be entangled from this uncomfortable situation. A quite trivial matter and debate over who did most the part and who did less. Unfortunately, it is what it is. Only if. In hindsight, I would definitely insist we did the business plan thing together. To try harder to level our paces.

I just want to move on and do my thing. I only need the business plan - the one that I "literally" did myself. I am not interested to steal her ideas or anything.

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