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hello guys
hi everyone.im super new to this whole posting thing but i guess with the help of you i will got better.i heared about this site from a friend and whn i checked it out i found it awsome.evev beyond e what i had in mind.not to montion all the answers that i found here to several of my quastions.im student.single from algeria which is a country not exactly gay-friendly.
i still have a few quastions of my own that are not answerd yet.ones tht i'll be posting very soon and i'll apreciat every answer or help.i hope you dont mind my lunguage mistakes.still working to improve it
see you soon

Welcome Alaa Wavey
I'm from another Arab country so I understand what you're going through Wink

Welcome to the forum alas, we look forward to your questions.

bluestar.you got me wondering from where you might be.and im sure u do understand wht im living in

Welcome Alaa! Glad someone from a beautiful country of Algeria has joined this charming forum. Confusedmile: Wishing you all the best on your journey to discovering more from your own self. There is this enriching passage that says "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

All the best! Confusedmile:

Hello, Alaa, and Welcome to GaySpeak. Very pleased that you have managed to find it and that you can enjoy the community and the questions raised here. We are looking forward to your own questions, and we'll try to answer them to our best knowledge. Take care of yourself, Alaa.
By the way, how old are you? What is your family situation? Does anyone suspect in your family that you might be gay?

thank you prince.as for your quastions.1:i'm 22 years old.02:i'm out to all my friends and my family

thank you guys.you're making feel i DID the r8 thing by joining the GS

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

alaa Wrote:thank you prince.as for your quastions.1:i'm 22 years old.02:i'm out to all my friends and my family

One good thing, they seem to accept you as you are. Now you will probably have a role in making it safe for all gays to be themselves in Algeria and around the world. So join the fight. It doesn't have to be about bombs and daggers. Words are good too. Confusedmile:

Are you a student? If so, what are you studying?

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