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tour d'Europe
anyone done anything like it? traveled Europe extensively for a longer period of time?

i did it right after i got out of high school. i've seen most of Europe, and i love it. it's my home, my ancestry is here, history, heroes. i think i wanna do it again, once i finish college. just take 3 months or more and go look at the same places and places i didn't get to see back then. and think about life. i don't know, Europe is somehow this perfect place where you can just never get bored even if you're just sitting on a bench adjacent to some 2000 years old ruins and all around you there's no-one you know, you're not bored. there's so much content around you, so many lives that have left their mark. i think it's a privilege to experience that. to live it.

college is like this one world where you're with these people and you do these projects, and it's fine, some of the best architects in the field are teaching us, and that is amazing too, but i also need to get out of here. once i'm done i wanna wash this environment off me. i wanna go see Parthenon in Greece, Colosseum, Chateau de Chambord, Sagrada Familia, Palladio's work, all the buildings that have inspired me and buildings i don't even know exist. i wanna see Europe again, like that. i think i might have a slightly different perspective/approach after i graduate. and i wanna know what it's like to look at those things then. if there's a difference at all.

Do it! It is always great! The first time I did it I only went for a month on inter rail with a friend and that was awesome. The second time I done it straight out of uni. A few of us drove round Europe for three months camping wherever and it was great.

Sounds like you have it fairly planned, just go for it - don't plan!

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