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Loving Yourself: Part of your body that you hate but now appreciate or love?
OK. I started this thread because I have been following a show from E called "Botched" for weeks now. And I was so aghast as how their patients's previous procedures and cases had turned out to be. I know, I have nothing against plastic surgery, especially for medical reasons. Any person has the right to do with what he wants to his own body. I immensely understand that. But for me undergoing such kind of procedure, for personal aesthetics, is a do or die thing.

Ok, I wonder what part of your body that you've always been hating but eventually you have learned to appreciate or love?

Mine would probably be my really thick lips. Ugh, I have been so insecure about it especially during high school years. I usually and unconsciously try to cover it up something whenever I talk to people. haha. Alongside this thicks lips is also my quite big and wide mouth especially when I talk, smile or laugh. haha. Which most of my gay friends cruelly joke that with that kind of lips and mouth I can surely suck three d*cks in one sitting. Lol. Confusedmile:

Anyway, it is during the Angelina-era that most elite housewives were trying to plump up their lips, I have realized that I like my lips that way. Not just because of the fad or something, but just because I like it that way and I guess it complements my entire facial proportion.

How about you? Confusedmile:

My inability to smile in photographs, if that counts. I have a bunch of other body parts I'm at peace with - my weirdly-shaped ass, my sproinky hair, etc. But my inability to smile in photos is the only thing that still annoys me.


I don't think I have a very prominent jawline but I've learned to live with it. If I grow a beard it makes my chin look more prominent so that is what I normally do.

My freckles....I hated them when I was a kid because everyone would pinch my cheeks hard and talk about them and I hated the attention drawn to me.

I can't say I love them now...but I got used to them...I don't even notice them anymore. They are only on my cheeks and forearms.

My bones, especially now that they stick out so far inside my hide.... Hideous useless things those bones are.

I used to hate the couple of small skin tags I have on my upper thigh but I've learned to live with them and accept them as my physical quirks. I still don't appreciate or love them by any means but I accept them as part of me.

My face! I see it every day but as I can't do anything about it, I have to accept it.
"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
Maggie the Cat from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." by Tennessee Williams

small teeth.

I'm not crazy about my face. I looked at the mirror yesterday, and I'm not sure who that old man is. Smile

As for cosmetic surgery, except when reconstructive, or following actual birth defects, I am strongly against it. Whereas they have the right to pursue the market, just as whores have the right to pursue prostitution if it appeals to them, I think we in turn have the right to denounce it.

The proliferation of cosmetic surgery has directly contributed to the Western obsession with the shallow values associated with physical appearance and aesthetic perfection. And to be fair, the West doesn't have any lock on it, as ancient cultures like the Chinese have had their own fair share of vanity mutilation like foot-binding, but I digress.

Just as the use of "bitch" by gays and rappers and others encourages a baseline of misogyny, the undue emphasis on idealized physical features, at any price, is certainly a factor in creating body issues, especially with the young, who are often fragile in adolescence anyway. In our multimedia age, the message is hammered relentlessly from billboards, magazines, internet, TV, and cinema. Look like a model. Look like A&F. Look like whatever.

We should accept our genes, phenotypic and genotypic. Doing otherwise is a tacet rejection of our ancestry.

I love the looks of Lex, Bort, East, and Dynamodean, whom I know from another forum, and they look radically different from one another.

Vanity should not be confused with self-esteem, and cosmetic surgery panders to vanity more often than simple restoration of damaged bodies. I don't even let my haircutter hand me a mirror to see the back of my head. Why would I want to see thinning hair, especially if it takes two mirrors to show me that. I'll never be following me from back there and have to see it. Why would I want to obsess about it like so many men. Hair thins with age. Got it. Moving on.

Opinions? Yeah, I got 'em. Wink

I hate me teeth. They aren't crooked, but there are gaps. My dentist always says they look so good and straight. I've never needed braces but there are gaps.

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