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Cancer Centers of America
There is simply no use in falling prey to the fear mongers. If something bothers you, get it checked out and be watchful, but if you have no time for the rest of your life because of health worries, then you need to have that checked out, too.

Jim has an excellent point. having health insurance allows you the means to establish a relationship with a general practitioner and to work from practical knowledge if something happens. ACA signups are happening now. Even if you can only handle the basic choice it is a good start.

As for those books and performing self diagnosis, save yourself the money and use the internet. Do be careful that you use sites like WebMD and the Mayo Clinic site where there is solid information. If you want to go that route, at least be ready to take your questions to your doctor, though. The sites can give you information, but they cannot give you the judgment call that a doctor can. Maintain a health skepticism but be an informed consumer.

American Cancer Center? Phooey. My oncologist is a lot more down to earth than that and a lot more into providing care than glitz.

Dying, by the way, is the easy part. It's living that provides the challenges.
I bid NO Trump!

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