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How do!
Hi there...I'm Kes, the new guy. I'm a gamer/geek/dork that cooks, writes, reads, procrastinates and oh yeah, designs board games/rpgs. Live in TN, wish I lived in England. Terminally single, bi, and not completely out in RL yet...although the number of people who know seems to be growing exponentially. Anything else you want to know, just ask as I never know just what to put in these things.

Hi Kes welcome to the forum. Smile

Hi and Welcome... Just to let you know every elf on this planet and the other realms know knows your bi... Sorry, we just love gossip.... :biggrin:

Yeah..after I saw my post I noticed the "Single Bi Ma" tag. Gaaah...not enough coffee.... >.<

Welcome, Kes.

Welcome to GS Wavey

Kesallen Wrote:I never know just what to put in these things.

I bet you say that to all the guys.

Oh.. btw Welcome

Welcome to GS!

Hey Kes! Hello Welcome to GSSmile

Hey! Welcome. Hope you have fun here. Maybe with all the guys that live in England on this site...you can live it vicariously.

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