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Smelly colleague, can't stand working with him!
I'm working together with a man who smells really bad. We're working together every day and this is becoming a quite big problem. He basically smells of sweat and it seems like he hasn't changed his socks for a very long time, as every time he moves his feet, this smell of sweaty foot odor comes up. Also his breath - garlic and tobacco together as he's smoking. It's something so unpleasant that it's very hard to even sit next to him. And I have to contact with him every day. I tried offering him chewing gum or some menthol candies so that I at least wouldn't have to hold my breath when he speaks to me, but he always refuses. He says these things are toxic and he likes all the natural and ecological stuff.
I'm not the only one who's noticed this problem, also few of my other colleagues have. We cannot open the window to let some fresh air in because it's very cold already and it would freeze the whole office.

Doesn't he really notices the way he smells himself? It seems that he doesn't. I don't want to offend him by saying - go have a shower, you stink. How to tell him or hint him that he is not the only person here and he should take care of his hygiene instead of torturing his colleagues?

Tell a member of higher up staff if you can and ask them to have a gentle word with him.

Edward Wrote:I tried offering him chewing gum or some menthol candies so that I at least wouldn't have to hold my breath when he speaks to me, but he always refuses. He says these things are toxic and he likes all the natural and ecological stuff.

How can someone who smokes say something like this and expect to be taken seriously?

There was a very similar dude at my office. Smoked a lot and always smelt like crazy levels of BO. He claimed it was vegan deodorant. He was disciplined for it like 4 times.

Tell someone at a managerial or Human Resources level about the problem and hope they can get something done.

Asking management to deal with the problem is best. The only other way is for someone in the group that he works with to be VERY direst and say, "I'm sorry to have to mention it, but you have very bad breath and a lot of body odor, particularly the smell of dirty feet. Please deal with these things right away so that others can work with you." The problem with hints and mints is that such people simply do not smell themselves. They are used to it.
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You might have to be blunt....but it may cost you.....

I don't think anyone who actually smells really bad will thank you. It is insane that they don't ALREADY know as it is....and that they ignore all the "hints".....

If I smelled...and someone told me...I know I would be grateful and thankful for them letting me know...I think most people would...but in the case of the chronic offender..I think something else may be wrong.

I had to tell a women that her vagina smelled so bad the entire building reeked and I felt like gagging most of the time. I tried to be gentle and kind but finally I had to tell her that there were a shitload of screaming cats outside screaming BUFFET ....dead fish smell is NOT something you want to force on anyone except maybe cats...

She has never forgiven me. I can live with that. I think she should have thanked me since everyone was talking about it and I am the only one with enough nerve to tell her....

So...someone may have to bite the bullet and tell him point blank...and may have to pay for it...so find someone amongst yourselves who doesn't care if they make an enemy...

That's why it is a job for management, East. You are right that it is a good way to cause bad feelings. If the outfit has a personnel person that would be the place to handle it. Nasty job for anybody, but keeping the area productive is the point.
I bid NO Trump!

Yes, you need to go to Human Resources and have them say something to him.

If that doesn't clear it up, then leave him an anonymous note.......print it up on a work printer, secretly leave it in his cube, unsigned.
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I would leave it to HR. In this day and age you can get sued or worse.

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