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Grind Short Film
Did anyone see the short film Grind? It was a musical movie entered in a bunch of film festivals this year and won a significant amount of awards. It starts out being really fun but the ending really throws you through a loop. I'd love to discuss it with anyone who's watched it Smile If you google it, it's available free online for anyone's who's interested.

Here ya go . . .


Well, having now watched it, hmm... what to say? Is this meant to be a sobering musical cautionary tale?

In a way I envy you young tykes and the resources you have for instant gratification. In other ways I don't, though. If you're in a big city its almost 'too easy' with apps to find someone. And there its all about the surface -- "lets fuck!" Which is all well and good but it makes us all 'disposable' -- like candy wrappers.

Very true! I think it's meant to be a cautionary tale, but it's interesting that they try to make the view care for the main character and then change our perception of him at the last moment. Perhaps a furthering of the theme "You never know who you're talking to," but I've watched it a couple times with different friends and they were all very taken aback and kind of upset by how it ended.

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