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Time machine = frustrating
Anybody else use an Apple Time Capsule/Time Machine backup? I find it really frustrating.

My OS got buggy a few months back and we elected to reinstall the OS and then restore the data from the most recent Time Machine backup. Most, but not all, of it was there, and I look through the various incremental backups and some folders just were arbitrarily not copied (We certainly didn't opt for them not to be).

Also it takes FOREVER to respond to the point where I think it may have frozen, then it suddenly jumps through the last few commands at once.

I will probably keep using it just because it's paid for and set up, but I think I am also going to revert to copying my whole drive every few weeks to a separate portable device. It's just to tedious trying to find specific files.

I back-up all my junk on a USB stick (forgot what they're actually called). Those things have amazing memory now days, and don't cost an arm and a leg...
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